The Family Room

We finally got rid of the extra chair that has been in our living for the past two months or so (since moving it out of Adeline's room), so I have the much talked about and promised family room post for you today! The largest room in our apartment is our living & dining room + office combo. With all the purposes this room has to serve, it required a lot of forethought when designing this space. I thought a lot about the flow of the room, foot traffic, storage, comfort, and how quickly it can convert from playspace to "movie theater" for after our daughter goes to bed. 

Yes, those are my toddler's legs in the air on the couch. #reallife :) 

Yes, those are my toddler's legs in the air on the couch. #reallife :) 

This room gets a lot of direct light in the afternoon through those blinds (which yes, I would also like to replace at some point), so I apologize for the iPhone quality photos. That right window also holds our one window ac unit, which has proven to be a bit challenging for this very hot, humid summer that we are experiencing. For the longest time Keith and I even thought that there might be a chance we would never even turn on the ac. Rookie mistake. Also, I'm always warm so air conditioning is vital. And I wish we had one in every window of the apartment right now. 

That white side table holds four baskets of toys and hides a collapsible play tunnel and fort. 

That white side table holds four baskets of toys and hides a collapsible play tunnel and fort. 

I suppose that I should talk a bit about the furnishings in this space. They are a variety of pieces from Joybird, Target, ikea, West Elm, World Market, Rugs USA, Amazon, and the Container Store. My first priority in this new space was to finally invest in a sleeper pull-out sofa for family visits, and I was really excited when I found that showstopper style from Joybird. While the actual home delivery portion of the sale was super unprofessional (outside company and Joybird refunded us fully), the design process was pretty straightforward and both the couch and mattress are really comfortable and have held up well to daily toddler abuse (ie food stains and jumping - refer to 1st photo for example). We paid a little extra for a thicker sleeper mattress and have heard positive reviews from all our house guests. In the 9 months that we have lived in this apartment, this living room alone has been rearranged at least a dozen times and has had one couch, one love seat, and three different chairs all residing in it at one time or another. 


I LOVE that rug. It's a perfect size for the space, works well with all the colors in our apartment, and is really comfortable, even when on your hands and knees exercising or being ridden as a "horse" by your 2 1/2 year old. When you find the right rug at Rugs USA, it really makes their awesome discounts and pricing that much more desirable. In fact, while typing this I am currently looking for my 3rd rug order for our daughter's room. 3rd - because the 1st two just didn't work once I had them in there. Also, fun sidenote, my husband came up with an idea for our daughter's "art wall" and then built those boards and hanging wire himself in our courtyard. I thought it was bit overkill initially, but now I totally love it and admit to him at least once weekly that he was 100% right on making it more of a statement wall. 


I still have yet to decide on a piece or art or wall hanging or mirror for that open wall area to the left of our "home" sign that I made all those years ago at our Austin house. Some days I think perhaps it's fine blank and other days I scour Target and Urban Outfitters for hours and try to decide what would work best there. Also, initially I wasn't totally sold on the look of that Target bookcase but it has totally grown on me. It's also mostly for my office organization, and since I recently went through all my desk drawers and did a ton of reorganizing, I'm feeling even better about that space. Oh, and that globe hanging above the sign is a light and was another idea my husband insisted on. He's really big on lighting and since all our windows face the next building over's walls, we don't get tons of natural light (though my first picture may be misleading). He felt our dining area was too dark most of the time, so I did a ton of research and found that rechargeable globe lantern at Urban Outfitters. I'd prefer an actual light hung from the ceiling, but I think it turned out pretty cool for a makeshift rental option. 


The bench is a Target find that I recovered with Spoonflower cacti fabric, and the three white shelves to the right hold all our postcards from our Europe backpacking trip from three years ago. At some point, I would like to figure out some way of actually protecting them long-term, because I love those postcards. I opted out of sharing a desk photo on here, because a) it was super messy and b) I'd have to take down all the work documents and calendar. Just know that the West Elm high gloss white desk is awesome and fits perfectly. My next big West Elm purchase? I really want to replace the blue ikea dresser in our bedroom for a solid wood piece eventually. And on that note, maybe I'll get around to sharing our master bedroom in another 3 or 4 months. Perhaps celebrate our one-year anniversary in this place? Fingers crossed! 

Any questions on sources? Please type in the comments or send me a message and let me know. Thanks, as always, for following along!