The Year of Health - Winter

Here we are three months into 2018, and I haven't shared much progress on my "word of the year" front. To be honest, I'm not feeling like I've accomplished that much for already being 1/4 of the way into this year. But obviously, everyone has to start somewhere and sharing with the world wide web is my form of accountability, so here are the latest updates. 

1) I am not yet back to a regular workout routine after my diastasis diagnosis and 6-week physical therapy journey. A few weeks ago though I decided to start doing 100 squats a day for a month after reading this Buzzfeed article, and I've actually found myself enjoying it so much that I might continue past the month. I also started new core strengthening daily exercises (3 variations of heel sliders + belly breathing), after taking a much-needed break from the splint. We bought a sunrise alarm clock to try to help us wake earlier to workout and (to be 100% transparent) it works about 2 out of 7 days so far. Just this week, I started living room workouts again though, which means more work in the evenings after bedtime, but just a 15 - 20 minute afternoon routine is helping my mood and energy tremendously.

I want so badly to get back into a running routine, but after such a long absence, it feels like starting from scratch all over again (like after Adeline was born). I've been really struggling with the accountability piece, but I'm hoping once Keith's work hours decrease a bit, to start running with Fit4Mom Brooklyn's Run Club again. For now, my goal is to just start with 1 - 2 miles increments and slowly regain my strength and stamina again. I was hoping to be up to 5 miles by my birthday next week, but I'm working on accepting that just being able to go for a run right now without back pain is far more important than the mileage.

Photo from our first Half Marathon, Austin 2014

Photo from our first Half Marathon, Austin 2014

2) My sleep routine is still terrible and I still go to bed far too late. Proof? I'm writing this draft at 10:47 pm at night. I know that just like any new habit, this is something I have to keep working at and slowly adjust my body to going to bed earlier. My goal this next week is to be in bed, with no phone or iPad, at 10:30 pm every night. Fingers crossed writing that on here is incentive enough.

3) I want to feel more energetic throughout the day (due to a combination of sleep, working out, and eating enough protein and nutrients). Adeline and I have been starting to make homemade juices again, and my goal this week was to drink an healthy juice each afternoon (in place of munching on Adeline's snacks). This week I made a kale-spinach-lemon-pear juice, lemon-apple-jalapeno juice, two grapefruit-lime-apple-jalapeno + apple cider vinegar juices, and they did seem to help kick my snack cravings. I've also been increasing my water intake, and switching to decaffeinated tea in the afternoon. That's helping minimize the unnecessary snacking, now the struggle is my sweet tooth, and tendency to treat myself a little more than I should. 

Juice picture from  Small Kitchen College

Juice picture from Small Kitchen College

4) My biggest health concern currently is my migraines. I started getting craniosacral massages in November, and it's been a really interesting experience. First of all, they are the most relaxing "spa" treatment that I have ever received. Secondly, they have totally changed my migraine experience. The 1st month, I had one day of nausea, slight head pangs, and, what can only be described as, flashes of light behind my temples. The 2nd month, I scheduled my appointment too late in my cycle and had three intense days of migraines. Keith actually had to come home early from work one day because I was in so much pain. I laid in bed half a day with an ice pack on top of my head, on my neck, essential oils on my temples and throat, and a sleep mask on. After that attack, I got a new migraine medicine prescription from my doctor.

The 3rd month, I had a few days of nausea but nothing beyond that. And last week, I never had an aura (fuzziness in my vision), but I did have slight nausea the 1st day, slight head pangs the 2nd day, and gradually the head pain increased each day until by Thursday last week, I took the migraine prescription medicine. It wasn't as painful as it's been in the past, but it was starting to feel a bit like my brain was pressing against my skull. Within a hour of taking the prescription, it completely cleared. Two hours later it started back up again, I took another pill and it never fully came back. I get a lot of neck stiffness when the migraines happen as well, so I'm planning on trying acupuncture for my neck along with the craniosacral massage this next cycle. 

My goals this next week are to run one morning (trying to start off little), go to bed by 10:30 pm each night, finish the business book I've been reading for the past month, try out a few new spicy juice recipes, and go to an acupuncture session (SO lucky our insurance actually covers this!). I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

How are your 2018 resolutions going? Anyone want to be my accountability buddy?