The Perfect Bathtub

Our last apartment in Brooklyn had the tiniest bathroom I have ever seen. Seriously. Somehow, even in that tiny space, they squeezed a standing shower into it. The bathroom was so small that only one person could get ready in there at a time, and if Keith and I even tried to brush our teeth at the same time, one person had to stand in the entry hallway while the other person rinsed their mouth. So we didn't go into the apartment search with too many absolute needs, aside from a larger bathroom with a tub. This place totally delivered. While there are certainly a few things I would change, mainly I love our bathroom. It's a good size, I even like the black, white & yellow color scheme, but most importantly, it has the best tub of any place we have ever lived in (even the awesome tub in our California rental).

As a reminder, here's that floor plan for our apartment again. The bathroom is next to our bedroom and has its own hallway off the main hallway.


This is another room, similar to our kitchen, that we really haven't done much to. We added some shelves behind the door for our toiletry needs. And we hung a rod to the left of the mirror for our hair dryer and Keith's shaving stuff. The shower rod is so long that I thought a double curtain totally made sense, and while I kind of wanted to go bold and flowery with the curtains, I kept it neutral with striped ones I found at Ikea. I hung my favorite piece of bathroom art, that has been in every one of our bathrooms since our Austin house, on the back wall.

The dark navy rug serves its purpose, but about once a month, I think about replacing it with a 3" x 5" red and navy Persian style rug instead. If anyone has something like that in their bathroom, please comment and let me know how well it works for you!

My favorite part of this bathroom is that bathtub. Unlike every bathtub of any place we've lived in, it doesn't have a top drain so you can fill it up as high as you want (dangerously over the top even) and it's perfect for a nice soak after a long week. Honestly, one of my current favorite weekly treats is filling the tub with super warm water, putting about 6 - 10 drops of lavender oil, or a tbsp of epsom salts, and soaking in there for about a hour while I read Outlander on the Kindle.

Now, much like our kitchen, there are a few changes I would make if we owned and budget were no issue. I would obviously keep the tub, as it's clearly amazing. But I would definitely swap out the vanity, faucet, medicine cabinet mirror, and toilet. I love the look of dressers used as vanities, so I'd probably try to find something mid-century to use.

This space is a little small though, so perhaps a smaller, baseless vanity (like below) would work well. I think the yellow tile is actually sweet in this space, but I also love the clean look of white subway tile so I would certainly consider swapping it out. The below two bathrooms are so light and airy with all the white on the walls, though with the tall ceilings, I would be tempted to do something a little more bold on the floors or ceiling.

I love the blue tile design in that very first inspiration photo, but I even like the dark hex tile in the second photo. Now the white subway tile and black hex floor is a bit trendy, so maybe it would be better to take it a different direction. The black and white bathroom below, with all the copper fixtures is majorly swoon worthy. Maybe too bold for a condo bathroom, but I could totally picture this in a high-end boutique hotel.

This last bathroom design might have to be in some future house of mine, because wow - that floor? And that huge bathroom mirror? I would make that vanity a double, but that is the way to do subway tile (all the way to the ceiling!). I think in a smaller space like our current bathroom, you can totally go more bold on the floor. So if we owned and were renovating, I would totally consider this color scheme and those tile designs, swap out all the fixtures, faucets, and rods for copper or gold, and put up a large rectangular mirror.

I am hoping to finish up some belated spring cleaning in the next few weeks and then finally share the final room on this tour (our master), and once that's done, I'll share another LIVE video walk through on my private Instagram account. 

I also am planning a migraine / nutrition elimination update soon plus a "day in the life" post as well. Aside from that, what types of posts would you like to see from me going forward? Please share in the comments below.