Our Daughter's Bedroom, Not a Walk-In Closet

The first apartment that we brought our daughter home to was railroad style with our bedroom at the front (street-side) and a teeny-tiny nursery / walk-in closet just off the side of our bedroom. We thought of it as sweet and quaint, but now that we've moved into this larger space and she has an actual bedroom, it's hard to imagine her being in that small of a space again. I had a lot of love for that nursery, but our daughter really didn't spend much time in it outside of naps and bedtime. I mentioned last week that I would be writing about our living room today, but it's currently going through some changes, so instead today's post is about the most up-to-date room in our "unicorn" apartment - our daughter's bedroom.


When looking for a new apartment, our daughter having her own decent-sized bedroom was very important to us. We plan to be in this new apartment longer than any other apartment or house we've ever lived in, and we want it to be a space she can grow into, a space that will eventually fit a twin bed and perhaps even a desk for homework. Initially when we signed the contract on this apartment, we had actually planned to put her in the slightly larger of the two bedrooms as it is off the front hallway, instead of off the living room and we were concerned about the tv keeping her up at night if we wanted to watch a show or movie. We went back and forth on it for the month and a half before we actually moved in, and one day when checking out the new apartment (and deciding on paint colors), we did a test. I put a movie on my phone in the living room (at the loudest setting) and closed the door in the back bedroom. We could barely hear anything at all - somehow we found the one well insulated old building in Brooklyn.

The decision was made and the back bedroom was prepped for our daughter. We requested the entire apartment be painted Benjamin Moore's Super White in an eggshell finish and then one specific wall in each bedroom was simply primed for us to paint an accent wall. I knew I wanted something bold and graphic for our daughter's new bedroom, so about two weeks beforehand, I narrowed down my options to four colors then did several variations of design options on card-stock with Frog Tape and sample paints. I wanted it to be fun and bold, but not overpowering or too busy.


My husband and I both agreed on the simpler design on the left, so I bought all the supplies and quart-sized paint cans. Once our landlord's had moved out and finished cleaning the apartment, they allowed me to come in a few days before our move-in date to paint the accent wall in our daughter's new bedroom. It took me about three hours to tape off the trim and wall, then paint the two necessary coats. I did not measure out the design ahead of time, I totally winged it. I didn't want perfection, I just wanted something bold and fun for a little girl's new bedroom. Here is the step-by-step painting and taping process:

Benjamin Moore's Carribean Blue

Benjamin Moore's Carribean Blue

Benjamin Moore's Baby Chick

Benjamin Moore's Baby Chick

Benjamin Moore's Platinum Gray

Benjamin Moore's Platinum Gray

Benjamin Moore's Tangerine Dream

Benjamin Moore's Tangerine Dream


Once the room was painted and had a few days to dry, we started the move-in and unpacking process. My husband and I went back and forth on putting anything on this accent wall, and finally both agreed, it should stay as is. I couldn't fathom messing up all my hard work with some nail holes. This room has gone through three rearrangements in the past five months, but today I wanted to share the most current version, after we added a reading chair, her Christmas gift of a play kitchen, and a toy bin.


We love this current set-up her room and because it's right off the living room and easy to keep an eye on her in there, our daughter plays in this bedroom so much more than her last one. She loves "cooking" in her play kitchen, reading books to her dolls in that little bean bag chair, and choosing her own clothes from the dresser. I store her doll's extra clothes, a few toys she's not quite ready for yet, and her next size up in clothes all in her closet on a mint bookcase or on the upper shelves. 


I'd love to swap out that rug in the next few months for a little bit more fun one, like this from Rugs USA. I'm just waiting for one of their 60 - 75% off sales. We also have some more work to do on her play kitchen, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. She's already getting a little too big for that bean bag chair, so we'll probably be getting rid of that in the next few months. I'd also like to hang some of the book shelves we used in her old room under those animal heads by the reading chair, and at some point we've discussed buying a more modern chair for this space in place of that dark gray wingback one.


Thankfully, our long-legged girl still fits in her crib (and *knock on wood* hasn't tried climbing out yet), so I'm hoping we've still got a few more years left of that crib, even once the toddler rail goes up. But eventually, once she's ready for an upgrade, I think a twin bed will go in that same corner as the crib and she'll get a dresser upgrade too. I'm glad that's still a few years off though, because all three of us love this new and improved, much bigger, space and I'm so glad this is the room our little girl is slowly becoming a big girl in. More apartment updates coming next weekend!