Unicorn Apartment, Round Two

When we initially got back from Los Angeles in March, I was completely over our tiny railroad apartment. I desperately wanted an actual two-bedroom (where our daughter's room wasn't basically a closet off our room) and a bathtub. I wanted a little more space for us to grow into as Adeline continues to grow, and an apartment we could really see ourselves being in for at least five years. Before Keith got back from L.A., I easily looked at between 50-60 apartments. I even put in an application on one. Aside from that one, none were right and it was overall a pretty frustrating, exhausting process. 

Once Keith got back, we looked at a few more apartments, applied for another one we didn't get, and decided to take a break. We had started to get used to our tiny apartment again, it felt homey and comfortable, and we thought that maybe we could see ourselves there another year, or at least until we got the energy up to start looking again. Well, the rug kind of got pulled out from under us when we found out just three weeks ago that our landlord was selling the entire three-apartment brownstone that we live in. We were initially pretty frustrated, anxious and sad. But we tried to approach it in a calm manner, told ourselves it can take a while for things to sell here, and we started to slowly look at a few options over the next two weekends. 

We looked at brand-new complexes, older brownstones, condos, coops, etc. Nothing felt quite right, but we still weren't too worried. Then mid-last week, Keith showed me a listing on 8th Avenue and my heart almost exploded. The photos were amazing, the location was amazing, it all seemed way too good to be true. Plus, if it weren't too good to be true, it would definitely not stay on the market long. I emailed the broker that night and then called him (maybe twice) the next day to schedule a time to see it. I was a bit frantic after having waited too long in the past to see apartments and having to watch them disappear within a few days. Thankfully I was able to get in the very next afternoon to see it. And it was the first place I've looked at that may have actually been even prettier than the photos. Also, please note that for the first time ever, I was so excited that I forgot to take photos hence the lack of images in this post. Sorry! 

Okay, you get the gist. I was smitten. And that evening, within about two and a half hours after having seen it, and with Keith's approval though he still hadn't seen it, I submitted the application along with a personal letter from us. It wasn't as easy as if we found out the next morning or anything. About 2 1/2 days later, the broker said the owners liked our application and wanted to meet with us. First win! So we scheduled a meeting with them two days later, and our little family of three went back to the apartment (Keith to see it for the first time) to meet the owners and see if it seemed like a good fit for all of us. They were absolutely lovely, eased any concerns we had about being in a larger building (super family friendly and quiet) and having a super in the building for issues (very prompt and nice). Second win! Thankfully Keith was completely smitten with the apartment as well and we walked out on cloud nine, but nervous as all heck that they would choose the other applicants they were also meeting.

Obviously they chose us! And we're SO SO SO dang excited. We signed the paperwork and turned over the deposits today. We move in early October, and I can't wait to share this process with you. I realized the other day that this will be the eighth place I've lived in (and sixth we've lived in) in the nine years we've been together - including our initial sublet and L.A. rental. I'm very much looking forward to this being our sixth home together for far longer than all the others. And I promise photos soon.