Unicorn Apartment, Design Scheme

You didn't think I would be too busy to come up with an entire design plan for our new apartment, did you? If you read my last post then you know that we're moving into a new apartment in October. And we're totally calling it the "unicorn apartment", because we seriously cannot believe we got this place and we're still a little bit waiting for something to go wrong. It just seems to dang good to be true. Here's the rundown on our new place: it's an actual 2/1 (vs 1 1/2 we currently rent = closet off the 1-bedroom), it's in a larger apartment building and about 60% of the apartments are owned (including ours by the couple renting it to us). There's a gym, laundry room, stroller lobby parking, storage lockers and a bike room. The apartment has a big open living/dining room, a beautiful kitchen, and gorgeous original hardwood floors. While you wait anxiously for actual photos of the space (soon!), here is my design inspiration for the new apartment: 

Unicorn Apt 1.jpg

I've been pretty in love with navy and grays for a while. There are a lot of blues, yellow, and gray in our current apartment decor so thankfully that will all tie in well with the new place (and keep new purchase costs down). Since I don't currently have photos to share, I thought I'd show you the floor plan instead.


When you walk into the apartment, that long hallway has really pretty built-in bookshelves and a shoe storage bench plus a hallway coat and utility closet. The larger bedroom, which will be Adeline's room, is just off the hallway and nearest to the bathroom. You walk under an arched doorway to enter what will be the living/dining/my office area and the kitchen is just off of that room. The smaller of the two bedrooms, which will be our master is also off that large room and it's placement was our decision behind it being our bedroom. We went back and forth on this, but after I used Pottery Barn's room planning tool, we realized it was still enough space for our queen bed, dresser and Keith's desk. Our room will be much more sparse than it currently is, but that's all we really need and it will challenge us to be more creative with side tables and storage. 

To give you an idea of what we plan to take to the new place, here is what our living room currently looks like:

Living Room.jpg

The majority of the new purchases will be in our largest room, the living/dining/office combo. You can see the basic layout plan for this room in the bottom left corner of the below design board (these were all created with Pottery Barn's room planning tool). We plan to keep our gray Ikea loveseat in the picture above, but would also love to buy a modern, comfortable fold-out couch for the new much larger living room. We'll also keep our black tv stand, those pouffes above, the side storage table, and rug. Here's the current design inspiration for the living room and office area: 

Living Room Board.jpg

I love our current living room rug, but it'll definitely be too small for the new living room. I'd like to keep it and use it in our dining room area, so I plan to start rug shopping as soon as we're in the new place. I really like the idea of adding more touches of coral and navy to the new apartment, so I'd love to find a rug similar to the one in that bottom right corner above. Also, I haven't sat on that navy couch yet, but can you believe that is a fold-out couch? Major swoon. Next up, the dining area that shares the living room/office space: 

Dining Room Board.jpg

We recently bought that Ikea table for more dining space, and Keith painted the legs and base a deep greenish-gray last weekend. He plans to stain the top this weekend, and I'm excited to move the finished piece to our new place. We both like the idea of chairs on one side of the table and a bench on the other, and since we don't have one yet, this is a piece I'll be starting to shop around for as well. I'd kind of like something soft and upholstered, but I don't know if that's a terrible idea with sticky kid fingers. The same goes for the chairs. I don't love our current white and pine chairs, and that blue West Elm one above is really calling to me. New dining chairs aren't really in the budget for this year though, but maybe next year. 

Next up in the design plan, is the master bedroom. This is the smaller of the two bedrooms, but it's just off the living room and we didn't want to worry about keeping up Adeline when we're watching a movie, I'm working late in the office area, or we have guests visiting and sleeping on our fold-out couch. Here is what our current bedroom looks like: 


We love this storage bed, so we definitely plan to bring it to the new space, but our room will be a bit tight for that giant storage headboard we have on the right side of the bed. We plan to sell that and buy a regular queen-sized headboard to serve as an actual headboard (see below). We also probably won't be able to use our current side tables (at the back of the room under the window), but might hold onto them temporarily as we actually hacked those about five years ago for our Austin house and still really like them. We'll definitely be bringing that dark blue dresser (bottom left corner) and are hoping to use that gray chair (right corner) in either Adeline's new bedroom or the living room. I don't know if that rug will work with the new design plan I'm envisioning, but we have an office rug we might swap out. Here's the master bedroom design board: 

Master Bedroom Board.jpg

This is a pretty small space that will serve as both our bedroom and Keith's office space, so we're cramming a lot of function into this room. As I mentioned above, we plan to swap out the headboard and buy a smaller one that goes behind the bed. Thankfully we have those giant bookshelves in the hallway of the new place, so all our books currently in the office bookcase and that side headboard storage, will be moved to the hallway in the new apartment. In the living room/dining room, I think I'd like the walls painted white, but in our master, I kind of want to go dark and moody. I love that inspiration photo in the bottom left above from Old Home Love with 70% of the wall painted a deep navy and the top 30% white. Our new landlords are allowing us to paint, so I'm excited to start looking for the right shade of navy that will still pop against our navy dresser. We'll be using most of our current bedroom art in this space, but one new piece I may add is a tapestry hanging on the wall from a rod above the headboard. I can't decide if it should be a graphic black and white pattern or a soft watercolor-esque look. I'll keep you posted. 

Adeline's room has changed a few times in the last twenty or so months since I finished it. Here's what it currently looks like:  


I plan to re-use most of the art and decor in the new space and while I'd love to use the rug, it may also be too small for her new much larger room. I'm wondering if it might work in the kitchen or even bathroom hallway though. I'm actually most excited about designing this room, because I feel like I get to design an actual bedroom for her vs a tiny closet. Here's my current design plan for Adeline's huge new room: 

Adeline's Room Board.jpg

This all totally stemmed from that graphic navy, coral, orange, white wallpaper in the bottom left corner. I love the colors and pattern, though it may be a bit too loud for this space. I'm thinking about seeing if the owners will allow me to come in once they are moved out and paint this room's accent wall myself. I'm picturing a similar color scheme but taped off in a larger pattern. We'll be reusing all of her current furniture, but plan to bring our gray armchair into this room for bedtime readings, maybe add a small kid chair for her, and are discussing hacking an Ikea play kitchen for her Christmas gift this year. The only other purchase I might make for this space are one new set of bedsheets, because those navy and yellow flowered ones are just too dang sweet. 

I am so excited to get moved into the new apartment and start actually laying out all of our furniture in this space. Packing and moving with a toddler are going to be rough, but I just know it will be totally worth it for our family in the long run. Stay tuned for apartment photos and further details soon! 

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