A Very Big First

I've been wanting to talk more about this big new change in my life for the past two months, but until it was official and much further along in the process, I mostly held my tongue and waited. Now that my LLC application has been processed, my EIN has been created, and my business bank account has been opened, it's pretty dang official. Last month, the current owner of Fit4Mom Brooklyn made a big announcement - she's moving on from her role as owner and passing on the baton to me (!!!). Before I go further into the logistics and how this came to be, I wanted to go back to the very beginning and thank one person who I will always hold in the highest regard for introducing me to the Fit4Mom village in the first place. Jessica, this post is for you.

Way back in college, my younger brother dated this sweet, quiet, young woman briefly and I met her for a millisecond at some event. I believe it was the following year long after their parting (though my timeline could be skewed after however many years + marriage + jobs + mom brain) that she joined the same design program I was enrolled in and that was how I got to know her a little better. Needless to say, we became Facebook friends, eventually she moved to Houston, we each got married, and she had two precious little girls. She regularly posts on Instagram and Facebook about this fitness program she's part of, Stroller Strides, and I took note before even getting pregnant.

From here we'll move even further back into my fitness journey and how this all ties together. I was raised in a very active, athletic household and grew up playing soccer, tennis, golf, and taking Taekwondo and ballet. I enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, and always remained active through high school and into college. In college, I worked out with a personal trainer several times and used to bring the moves they taught me back to my friends and plan our workouts together (Lauren & Coele!). Once I got married, I basically just continued that with my husband, Keith. I also convinced him to try out running 5-6 years ago and still remember how difficult that first mile run/walk was (before we learned proper breathing or how to pace ourselves). Since then, we've trained for and run several Half Marathons, 10-Mile races, 10Ks and 5Ks (and thankfully our breathing and pacing has improved too).

Basically, fitness and health has always been a big part of my life, but honestly, never one I thought I would do much with. Here's where Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides ties back in. While I was pregnant, and moving cross country to Brooklyn, I thought back on Jessica's posts and decided to check if there was anything remotely like that in the area we were moving. Turns out, there were classes in the park, less than a 10 minute walk from our apartment! I had no idea it was a franchise until I googled it. Once Adeline was born, I started slowly walking around the neighborhood, took my time with stretches, some low-impact doctor-approved exercises, and getting comfortable with my postpartum body. But as soon as I got the 6-week go ahead, I signed up for my first free class. And that is where this new journey officially began!

At some point, in one of the Stroller Strides classes I was attending, the instructor mentioned that they were hiring new instructors and asked if anyone would be interested. I may have raised my hand like I was in high school again, I was so excited by the idea. We chatted after the class, she connected me with the owner, we talked off and on about the idea for about a month, then Keith got the job in Los Angeles for the winter. Thankfully Fit4Mom is based out of offices just outside San Diego, so while we were in LA, I got certified to teach, continued taking Fit4Mom classes in LA, and did some practice teaching there as well.

We kicked off our spring session back here in mid-March and in mid-May, the current owner mentioned the idea of selling and asked if I might have any interest in buying the franchise. Thankfully when I went home and shared the conversation with Keith, he was just as excited as I was. We are in the final stages of the process now, all clients and the other instructor have been notified, and sometime in the next few weeks it will be 100% official. For the first time, I will be a business owner. As someone who used to plan every single aspect of my life, I love that two years ago I never would have guessed this is where I would be. I can't imagine anything more perfect.