Migraines and Diastasis

A better title for this post might have been "Is my body falling apart?", but questions don't necessarily make the best blog post titles. I am writing this almost six weeks into my diastasis recovery process (read all about that here) and two months into my migraine homeopathic recovery process. Yes, that's a whole lot of self-care going on. If you know me at all, you probably know that self-care is my biggest challenge. I love working out and drink a lot of water daily, but anything beyond that (sleep, food, stress, etc) I struggle. This and my last post have been possibly some of my hardest to write. I'm not exactly an "open book" kind of person, but part of the process of taking care of yourself is being open about your needs and sharing with others, so here goes.

I think my migraines started four years ago. They became a monthly occurrence, and eventually, I started tracking when they started, what I ate and drank, how much I had slept, how stressed I was, etc. I met with various doctors, neurologists, had x-rays and cat scans done, tried various prescription medications, most of which barely helped. I was told by three doctors that the birth control pill can cause migraines, and since we wanted to have a kid, I got off of it. And sometime later, got pregnant. I hadn't had a migraine since, until six months ago. Migraines with a toddler at home are a sick joke. Parents have enough to deal with, without migraines. Ugh. So, so bad.

Anyway, I started the research and elimination process again, but here's the thing, I don't drink alcohol anymore, I sleep a little more now than I used to, and I'm just as stressed as I've ever been. So why now? Hormones, I guess. Hormones suck. I wasn't about to go back to a neurologist as I didn't find them particularly helpful last time, and I didn't like the migraine medications. So I started doing research in homeopathic migraine treatments. I had heard positive things about acupuncture, so I started there, which led me to craniosacral therapy (read more about that here). I had never heard of that treatment before, but I'd had really great experiences with Slope Wellness in the past and am open to trying new things (especially in the Year of Firsts).

So, my First for last month was (obviously) going to my first Craniosacral Therapy session. I went one week before I am most prone to migraines and a second appointment two days before. And it totally seemed to help! Instead of my typical waves of aura, then nausea, then pain, I only experienced little flashes of pain and light behind my eyes for a few hours. I have my third appointment tomorrow, but yesterday I started experiencing the migraine nausea. It never went beyond that though, and I used some Saje Peppermint Halo oil around my hairline, on my neck and shoulders, which significantly decreased the nausea. I had a little bit again this morning, reapplied the essential oil and it immediately went away. Pretty exciting! The massage therapist also has me lightly rolling the back of my head and neck with a foam roller, which I'm trying to remember to do daily, and that seems to help mainly with the tension that builds up there. 

EDIT: Shortly after finishing this post, I took a long hot bath and wound up staying up until 11 PM watching the final episode of Outlander on our iPad. Bad move during a migraine week. I woke up the next morning with increased nausea and light head pangs. By 11 AM, my migraine was in full swing, but thankfully Keith was home for this one. He took over with Adeline and I took two ice packs to the bedroom, turned off all the lights, blocked out the noise with earplugs and placed the ice packs on my head and back of my neck. I wound up napping off and on for three hours. Keith brought me chamomile tea and oatmeal, both of which I barely touched. I was able to get out of bed around 4 PM, prep for a fitness class I was teaching, taught around 7:30 PM, came home and went right back to bed with more ice packs. I'm feeling better today but definitely learned my lesson on scheduling my craniosacral appointments later and how important it is to stay off the computer and phone during a migraine week.

On another health-related note, I'm heading into week six of my diastasis treatment program and am so completely over this splint. I've finally gotten to a point where I don't feel like my guts are going to fall out whenever I take it off to change or shower. Yes, that's seriously how it felt in the beginning. I feel stronger and have very little to no back or hip pain like I had been experiencing before. But honestly, feeling better also makes me feel more ready to toss it aside and start exercising again, which is tough as I don't have my next check-up until next week. The good news is at my last check-up two weeks ago, I had moved from a deep diastasis to shallow-medium and from 4 fingers wide to 2 / 2.5. If you have no idea what that means, go back and read my last post!

I'll end this note on a slightly more fun kick and tell you my last First for this year - we're driving to Wisconsin with Adeline for the first time ever! Yes, we're going to take our time. Yes, it's a long drive. Yes, there might be snow on the roads. Yes, our daughter sometimes gets carsick. Yes, we're a little bit crazy. Wish us luck!

p.s. I promise apartment photos and updates post-holidays once the tree is gone and decor has been put away again. Stay tuned!