Product Review: Babo Botanicals

A few weeks ago, I was reading about some product recalls and lawsuits against a very large company that carries baby products (just google it), and I totally started to fall down the parental freak-out rabbit hole. I have actually been the far less worrisome parent in this household (sorry to throw you under the bus, hubby!), but I started  to overthink everything that comes in contact with our daughter's skin. I guess before I was just blissfully unaware. Once the harm that some of these products can cause was laid out right before me, I couldn't continue using them. I recycled all the bottles of baby wash, lotion, and sunscreen that I had stocked up on (I couldn't even put them on the curb for someone else!) and started to research what better options were out there. 

In my online research, I wound up stumbling upon a blog called Gimme the Good Stuff and became heavily obsessed with it for days. Thankfully Adeline's mattress got great reviews on that site. Unfortunately, a lot of our other products (deodorant and wipes) did not fair quite as well. They weren't viewed as poorly as the body wash and sunscreen I had been using though. Once those products were out of our house, I began reading her reviews on various products, checking prices on Amazon, and compared her reviews to those on Amazon as well. I got really excited when I found that she, and Amazon consumers, were both big fans of a New York based company called Babo Botanicals. I honestly am not being paid to review their products or say any of this, but I have been so happy with my purchases so far, that I had to share in case any other readers out there have similar concerns about products they use on their babies skin. Side note: no judgement if you don't overthink it, we use disposable diapers, so we're certainly not as eco-conscious as we would like to be. 

I wound up ordering the Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash, Smoothing Conditioner, Calming Baby Lotion, and Clear Zinc Sunscreen. I bought them all through Amazon using my Prime account, but I've linked to the company's website for the full rundown of benefits and ingredients. Aside from trying to be more aware of the ingredients in the body products I now use, I also try to buy products not tested on animals and this company is cruelty free! You can find this information on Peta's website. I love that the company is US based (bonus points for being in NY), I can actually pronounce all the ingredients, the scents are not overpowering, and their products are tear-free without adding some of the chemicals other companies use to actually mask the stinging sensation in body washes. 

I am absolutely in love with all the Babo Botanicals products that I purchased! I have really sensitive legs, and have actually been shaving with baby wash for years (in place of razor gels or creams), so I actually use the baby shampoo as my own shampoo, body wash, shaving "cream", and shampoo for Adeline. I like it's subtle scent, it leaves mine and Adeline's hair smooth, and my legs feel and look great too! I also like the conditioner (rose scent without being too perfumy) and sunscreen (Adeline has had 0 reactions to it), but my favorite by-far product is the calming body lotion. I actually use it for myself as part of my own bedtime routine, I don't use lotion on Adeline's skin yet. And yes, I have a bedtime routine. I'm kind of obsessed with lavender (I even put lavender oil drops on my pillow before bed), so the scent may not be for everyone, but I find it far less oily than previous lotions I had used and it leaves my skin feeling smooth (and doesn't irritate my legs right after a shave).

I have been so impressed with the products, I definitely plan to continue using them, and may even switch to their daily sunscreen lotion once I run out of the product I currently use. Based on Gimme the Good Stuff reviews, I also switched to new dish and hand soap plus an all-in-one cleaning spray, so once I've had a chance to use those a few more times, I may share another post on that company with my reviews. If you decide to check out any of Babo Botanicals products, please let me know. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!