Family Ideas for 2016

Well we're exactly one-month into being parents and all I can say is please send green tea, chocolate covered coffee beans, and sleeping pills. Ok not really. I couldn't have any of those things while pregnant and I can't while nursing either. I had a lot of ideas on blog posts for this past month and the best intentions of writing while Adeline slept, but the time flies by much faster than I anticipated. And I'm clearly much more tired than I expected. 

This month, I wanted to start sharing some ideas on monthly activities geared around our word of the year, family. In January, we became a family of three. This month, my mom, sister and in-laws all came to meet Adeline. We had really nice visits with them, mostly spent cuddling with the baby on the couch. My in-laws also watched Adeline for us one evening, so Keith and I could have our first date night out post-baby (also an important aspect of our "word of the year"). We may have only gone to a restaurant across the street from our apartment, to be fair it is an excellent restaurant, but it's all about baby steps. Next month, Adeline turns two months, gets her first big round of shots and will be able to be around more people. With that in mind, We're hoping to take Adeline on her first trip to meet family out-of-state in March or April. We also continue to get more comfortable taking her out every week, so I'm hoping we'll start having more regular family outings here. 

The weather is continuing to get nicer, and I can't wait for spring to truly begin, because with an one-month old (and two snowstorms in that month-span), I haven't been getting outside as much. I'm already daydreaming about picnics in the park, attending local parent meet-ups, going to more events in the city again, and taking Adeline for walks in the park along with our pup, Aurora. In a few days, I'm hoping to get another long nap-time opportunity to share an one-month in update on our lives as new parents. Until then, send all your well rested and caffeinated thoughts our way please!