Three Weeks on the West Coast

Back in August, I shared that our family was relocating to Los Angeles for 4 - 5 months and now that we've been here for three full weeks, I thought I'd share my initial feedback. Don't worry any New York friends reading this, we're definitely coming back to you when this film project is complete. BUT - I actually have been really enjoying LA. I'm honestly a little surprised at how much I've been enjoying it. We have a furnished house in Culver City - just 20 minutes from Santa Monica, LAX, 15 minutes from the LACMA, and 10 minutes from a college friend of mine! Instead of writing one long, wordy post of exactly what I like, I thought I'd do a breakdown based on this experience of my likes and dislikes between our home (Brooklyn) and our temporary home (LA).



  • I haven't really driven since we moved to Brooklyn, that's a year and a half! Funnily enough, this was one thing I was really dreading about LA that, so far, I'm actually enjoying (at least on shorter, nearby drives). Plus, LA drivers are nicer than New York drivers! Yep, I said it. I have heard two cars honk here, and people actually will slow down to let you in front of them. Crazy, huh?

  • Even though it's hotter than I like this time of year, it's so dry here that it feels comfortable in the shade and absolutely amazing at night.

  • I have had two awesome breakfast burritos here already. Now I just need to find the best taco place around. Recommendations, LA folk?

  • The area we're in (Culver City) is SO great. We're walking distance from the main square, which has an awesome movie theater (we just had a date night there last Saturday!), great restaurants, coffee shops, frozen yogurt, and a really pretty historic hotel that the Wizard of Oz cast stayed in!

  • It's kind of exciting being surrounded by all these film lots (Culver City's Lot is beautiful!).

  • I'm actually really enjoying being in a house again. To be fair, it helps when you're not paying the bills or weekly gardener (owner pays both).

  • People are a lot friendlier here than I expected. I had a ladies night out last week and all the Uber and Lyft drivers chatted with my friend and I - like made small-talk (???). Also, I have really been enjoying grocery shopping because of this too! Everyone fawns all over Adeline and she pretty much just giggles and laughs the entire time.


  • While driving isn't as scary here as New York, there is a lot of traffic and it can take a long time to get places. I had to take the 10 to the 110 to the 101 yesterday (look at my LA lingo - what what!!) for Adeline's flu booster at our pediatrician's one LA office location and it took 45 minutes (vs our 5-minute walk to the doctor in Brooklyn). Ugh!

  • I actually like this a little bit, because when we go for walks there is no one else around, but it's also sad - no one walks here!

  • Going out is just as expensive here as New York.