Three Weeks on the West Coast

Back in August, I shared that our family was relocating to Los Angeles for 4 - 5 months and now that we've been here for three full weeks, I thought I'd share my initial feedback. Don't worry any New York friends reading this, we're definitely coming back to you when this film project is complete. BUT - I actually have been really enjoying LA. I'm honestly a little surprised at how much I've been enjoying it. We have a furnished house in Culver City - just 20 minutes from Santa Monica, LAX, 15 minutes from the LACMA, and 10 minutes from a college friend of mine! Instead of writing one long, wordy post of exactly what I like, I thought I'd do a breakdown based on this experience of my likes and dislikes between our home (Brooklyn) and our temporary home (LA).



  • I haven't really driven since we moved to Brooklyn, that's a year and a half! Funnily enough, this was one thing I was really dreading about LA that, so far, I'm actually enjoying (at least on shorter, nearby drives). Plus, LA drivers are nicer than New York drivers! Yep, I said it. I have heard two cars honk here, and people actually will slow down to let you in front of them. Crazy, huh?
  • Even though it's hotter than I like this time of year, it's so dry here that it feels comfortable in the shade and absolutely amazing at night.
  • I have had two awesome breakfast burritos here already. Now I just need to find the best taco place around. Recommendations, LA folk?
  • The area we're in (Culver City) is SO great. We're walking distance from the main square, which has an awesome movie theater (we just had a date night there last Saturday!), great restaurants, coffee shops, frozen yogurt, and a really pretty historic hotel that the Wizard of Oz cast stayed in!
  • It's kind of exciting being surrounded by all these film lots (Culver City's Lot is beautiful!).
  • I'm actually really enjoying being in a house again. To be fair, it helps when you're not paying the bills or weekly gardener (owner pays both).
  • People are a lot friendlier here than I expected. I had a ladies night out last week and all the Uber and Lyft drivers chatted with my friend and I - like made small-talk (???). Also, I have really been enjoying grocery shopping because of this too! Everyone fawns all over Adeline and she pretty much just giggles and laughs the entire time.


  • While driving isn't as scary here as New York, there is a lot of traffic and it can take a long time to get places. I had to take the 10 to the 110 to the 101 yesterday (look at my LA lingo - what what!!) for Adeline's flu booster at our pediatrician's one LA office location and it took 45 minutes (vs our 5-minute walk to the doctor in Brooklyn). Ugh!
  • I actually like this a little bit, because when we go for walks there is no one else around, but it's also sad - no one walks here!
  • Going out is just as expensive here as New York.

Hiking in Culver City Park

Hanging out in our backyard

Family Time in Downtown LA



  • The subway system is amazing in New York. I haven't had a chance to take the metro here yet, but it does require driving there and walking to entrance - definitely less convenient.
  • Culver City Park is good-sized, but I miss Prospect Park. The walking/running trail around Prospect Park is a much smoother ride than the sidewalks here with the jogging stroller.
  • Everyone walks everywhere!  
  • Four seasons - I left all my pea-coats in NY and I'm so jealous of all my friend's fall foliage in winter coat photos right now. And yes, I'm even sad to miss the first snowfall. 
  • Don't tell my husband, but maybe, just maybe, I miss the produce prices at the Park Slope Food Co-op vs the produce prices at grocery stores here.
  • The house we're renting in LA is so cute and feels huge to us, and Adeline has been enjoying exploring, but we are missing that feeling of hominess from our Brooklyn place. Plus, it always takes a while to figure out someone else's kitchen and organization style. For instance, why are there four drawers of kitchen utensils but only one spatula??


  • We live in a predominantly family-friendly area in Brooklyn, so there are kids everywhere. Perhaps that's why no one cares that we have a baby. And honestly, some restaurants (and people) can be a bit rude sometimes about accommodating a baby. So far, here in LA, everywhere we go, someone is fawning all over Adeline and bends over backwards to help with highchairs, find food she can eat, and smile when she lets out loud "animal noises" over lunch hour.
  • I'm definitely over all the construction that's been happening in our brownstone. And I do not miss that teeny tiny bathroom one single bit. Adeline loves bath time here - the large tub is like her swimming pool!

LA has already been quite an adventure, and I know that I'm going to be a bit sad to leave, but I'm already looking forward to next fall and winter in NY. Culver City is great, and yes I'm enjoying the greetings on our morning runs and at the grocery store, but there is an energy to NY that I've never experienced anywhere else. In the year and a half we've lived there, it's become home. And right now, I can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else.