The Newest Fraase

One week ago, I had a 40 week and 5 day ultrasound and doctor check-up. I had reached the point in my pregnancy when I was super uncomfortable and was very ready to have a baby. My doctor scheduled an induction for the following Monday, and I went home convinced our daughter would be born via induction on January 25. Four hours after my appointment, I was in active labor and at 7:00 pm one week ago, we took an Uber to our hospital and were promptly admitted. Less than seven hours later, Adeline Clare Fraase made her debut!

I will not be posting a full birth story here. If you enjoy birth stories and want to know how Keith reacted when I told him it was time to head to the hospital, or want to know my reaction to seeing our daughter for the first time, send me a message. Instead I wanted to share how we chose our daughter's name. When Keith and I were first engaged, he started coming up with potential future baby name ideas and I created a running list on my phone that was regularly updated over the years. We both liked more classic, old-fashioned names and family names. By the time we found out we were pregnant (on Cinco de Mayo), we had chosen a boy name but still had about ten potential girl's names. Some of my top choices were Eleanor and Hazel. Some of Keith's top choices were Matilda and Johanna.

About six months ago, Keith proposed the name Adeline. To this day, neither of us know where he heard it or how he came up with it. I liked the name, but as I'm one of five A named siblings and our dog's name begins with an A, I wasn't totally sold on continuing that trend. It stayed on the list though and by July, we had narrowed it down to about 4-5 girl's names. We had decided early on not to share our name ideas (or final choice) with anyone in advance, but when my mom asked names we had considered, I mentioned Eleanor, Harper and Adeline. That's when she excitedly told me that my grandfather's grandmother's name was Adeline Augusta - and wouldn't that be so sweet to honor her in that way! A few weeks later, we found out we were having a girl and we spent a few days using the name Adeline and only one day using the name Harper before we were 100% convinced Adeline was her name.

The boy first and middle name we had picked out were both family names, so we loved the idea of doing the same with our daughter's name. Adeline is her great-great grandmother's first name and Clare is both Keith's mothers and his grandmother's middle names. Adeline means noble and Clare means bright. We knew the instant we met our little sweetheart just six days ago, that her name fit her perfectly! 

If you're a close friend or family member and would like more regular Adeline updates and daily photos, please request to follow me on Instagram (@alanna_fraase). Thank you for the love, support, and encouragement as we tackle parenthood and all the fun, new challenges. We're completely exhausted, and a bit naively surprised at how unprepared we were, but we're totally in love and can't stop gushing over her (and kissing her a million times a day!).