Our 2016 Word of the Year

Last year, my word of the year was "adventure". It wasn't technically a shared word for Keith and I, but we wound up doing the majority of the adventures together. I took some woodworking classes, announced our move to New York City, we backpacked through Europe for 6 weeks, sold our house and most of our furniture, announced my pregnancy, and took several local mini adventures (Coney Island, Long Island Beach, the Rockaways, road trip to New Hampshire, etc). After three years in a row of choosing one word to define my year rather than a list of resolutions I'd never really get around to, I'm totally hooked! But choosing a word for 2016 took me the entire month of December, and lots of back and forth with Keith on our hopes for this new year and entirely new phase of our lives, parenthood.

I considered just letting ourselves off the hook this year and not choosing a word, but I've really enjoyed the process and experiences that have come out of it these last three years. After a lot of discussion, Keith and I decided to truly share one word in 2016: Family. I will be the first to admit that I was initially worried it was a little lame and perhaps even too easy. But the more we talked about it, the more it just felt right. In 2016, we know we'll be more focused on our new family unit of four (including Aurora). We want to be intentional each month in finding ways to strengthen those bonds and relationships (dog training, park time, play groups, etc). But along with that, we also want to insure each month Keith and I take time to focus on our original family unit of just two (date nights, weekends away, etc). And thirdly, now that we're so much further away from the rest of our family and having a baby, we want to continue to find ways to stay connected with them too (FaceTime, shared family albums, weekly calls, etc).

Family may not be the most exciting of my "words of the year", but I'm looking forward to continuing the tradition and sharing monthly updates here of how we're strengthening all our various family units. For January, we're hoping that "family" will mean a new family member making her debut soon!