Hand Over the Pumpkin Baked Goods

I can't believe September is already halfway over. My brain is totally all over the place right now. I spent a week in Texas at the end of August and my mom and sister hosted a Labor Day bbq shower for Keith and I in the Texas hill country. The future nursery is now full of gifts, boxes, and a half-built dresser. I'm super grateful for the gifts of course, but also going in that room makes me a little anxious (so much to do!). Last weekend we started our September "mini weekend adventures" at Coney Island, but I'm saving that recap for the end of this month. In the meantime, we've been spending way too much money decorating this apartment and most of our weeknights organizing. Eek! Hence my title post. Every time a friend posts a pumpkin-flavored dessert on Pinterest, I'm slightly tempted to lick the computer screen. Stress tends to give me major sweet tooth.

Thankfully I've been eating really healthy ever since we moved into the new apartment. I'm pretty health conscious normally anyway, but I definitely let myself eat one too many bagels and desserts our first month or so here. Now I'm kind of trying to make up for that with a lot of healthy salads, lean protein, fruits and vegetables and greek yogurt. I'm also really enjoying cooking in our little kitchen and preparing Keith's lunches again. I know it's obnoxious sounding, but I really do like being able to send him off to work with a homemade meal. Plus once the baby is here, I'm sure that will go on the back burner for a little while. 

I'm hoping to start sharing apartment updates soon, and maybe even a video walk-through for out-of-state friends and family, but in the meantime here is what we've been up to the past few weeks. We've furnished our living room, but have been trying to decide between a storage ottoman, large pouf, rounded coffee table or nothing in front of the couch. One of our lamps died on the journey here (only thing to break!!) so we're looking into a new floor lamp and/or wall-mounted sconces above the couch. This past weekend Keith built shelving for our dining area (for more pantry space) and the kitchen windows (for an indoor herb garden). Yesterday he added an extra shelf in his office for a printer and this coming weekend, he plans to stain and hang shelves above our toilet for towel storage. The office is pretty much done, aside from some more shelf organizing, and we also just started setting up a dedicated area for our pup who will be here in two weeks (!!!). We bought her a soft, collapsible, travel crate for sleeping and figured out a spot for her bowls. I'm hoping when my in-laws bring her out, it's an easy transition for her. We do have a lot of training ahead of us though on her New York walking etiquette. I'll share more on that in a future post. 

Our bedroom is mostly furnished and decorated, but we still need to paint and stain the ikea dresser, and I need to finish decorating the faux fireplace. I haven't decided on curtains and still feel like the space is lacking in the color department. There is a lot of blue going on right now, so I'm trying to find subtle ways to add more pops of color. I also started researching indoor plants again this week and am hoping to have time this weekend to find an Aloe plant, English Ivy or Golden Pathos, and a Snake Plant (also known as Mother in Law's Tongue... yes odd). All are supposed to be easy to keep alive and help cleanse the air. I'm going to leave the herb garden up to Keith, because he's got much more of a green thumb. As you can probably tell from this post, my mind is a bit of a jumbled mess thinking about apartment decor, budgeting, day trips, meal preparation, cleaning, baby and dog prep, and married life. 

Don't worry, my computer screen is safe and you can keep up the pinning. I'm totally treating myself to a pumpkin baked goodie after my glucose test this Monday. And no, an occasional sweet won't balance my stress levels, but that's what reading breaks in the park (and yoga) are for. I'll sign off now and head there shortly with The Hobbit in tow. Hope you're enjoying some fall-inspired baked goods and cooler weather!