Fall Adventures

I haven't shared a dedicated "adventure" post in a while since the past few months have been all about selling our first house in Austin, moving to New York, finding a Park Slope apartment, and then moving from our summer sublet to our long-term rental. But with the start of a new month, I'm realizing I haven't had a chance to think of any adventures for September - December. For a quick recap, the past three years I have chosen a "word of the year" instead of a list of resolutions. In 2013, I focused on having a "brave" year. In 2014, I focused on a "peaceful" year and in 2015, I've been focusing on adventurous acts. 

In January, I started light with a series of woodworking classes and learning new tools. February, I announced our cross-country move that had been in the works for several months. March - May was our 40-day backpacking trip through 9 European countries. In June we listed and sold our first house in Austin, and in early July, we closed, sold 99% of our furniture and moved to New York (and announced our pregnancy). The month of August we signed a contract on our first long-term New York apartment and spent two-weeks moving seven streets south. 

Now that we're starting to slowly feel more settled in our new place, I've started thinking about how I want to spend the rest of this year. I'm sure starting off next year with a newborn will make it difficult to focus on a "word of the year" the way I have for the last three years. So before our lives drastically change, I want to be very thoughtful on the next few months. I've been so focused on finding and moving into our new apartment, and will continue to be spending a lot of time on organizing and decorating, that I have been placing less emphasis on my social life here. I'm not sure that "making new friends" entirely falls in the adventure category but perhaps there are adventurous ways to meet new people. I've mentioned briefly in recent posts some of my goals for joining book clubs, fitness classes, new mom groups, etc. 

I joined a parent's forum group last month and the group is currently working on organizing an outing for expectant January moms. Keith and I have attended services at an Unitarian Universalist church in Brooklyn Heights, and I intend to get more involved with their young adult's group (for twenties and thirties). I started taking weekly prenatal yoga classes at a Park Slope yoga studio, but the classes are typically so small that I haven't really connected with anyone personally. I'm spending the week with my sister in Texas, so I plan to spend my free time looking up different ideas for meeting new people, fun outings, date nights, etc in New York. 

So here's where I need your help - any suggestions for adventurous acts for a 5+ month pregnant lady? Any adventurous ideas on meeting new people? Would love to hear from you all! And once I come up with some more ideas, I'll be sure to share it all here.