Decorating with Color: A New Look

Last weekend I shared my first design board for the new apartment, and by the very next day, Keith and I were already questioning some of the initial ideas. The storage ottomans and baskets for hiding kid and dog stuff are definitely still a go! But other than that, we're re-thinking our entire color scheme and designs for this new place. If you follow me on social media or you've been reading the blog for a while, then you've probably picked up on my typical color scheme: earthy grays, browns, yellows, reds, etc. My mother-in-law always jokingly asked whenever I was preparing to paint a new room (in our last house) what shade of gray the walls would be. And while I think that grays are still a great neutral color for a room, Keith and I both agreed this past week that for this new apartment, we want to be a little more bold in our decorating choices. 

Growing up, I used to dream about moving away and completely recreating myself in a place where no one knew me. I no longer feel the need to go quite that far, but since we did move to an entirely new state and city in the last month, and are moving into an apartment with a very different aesthetic for us, it seems like the perfect opportunity to step out of our comfort zone. For inspiration, a few days ago I bought copies of HGTV and Decorating Shortcuts newest magazines and spent the next few hours in Prospect Park reading them from cover to cover. And based off the designs in both, and our goal to try something a little different, I'm scrapping most of my initial design boards and starting from scratch. 

In our new apartment, I plan to incorporate bolder colors and patterns in the furnishings, textiles, artwork, and accessories. Keith and I both agreed we'd love to steer away from our typical moody, earthy color scheme and add a little more oomph to the new space! Just to provide a visual of what we're thinking, I put together a quick idea board of images and Pantone's 2015 colors. Click on image below to view larger.

Sources: (Top to bottom, left to right) Gallery Wall from Pretty Providence, Pantone 2015 Colors from Angie Makes, Hello Wall Sign from Sweet Pickins, Custom Couches from Joybird Furniture, Pillows by Caitlin Wilson Textiles, Living Room from Place of my Taste, Pink Nursery by Color Drunk Designs, Blue Nursery on Apartment Therapy, Dining Room from Style Me Pretty

Now I know the first thing that may have caught your eye were the words "warm" and "earthy" in the color schemes. Please keep in mind that I pulled in those three schemes because of the shades of blues, pink and orange, and the dark green and teal. We're going to try to make this a brighter, more vivid and fun space. But of course, we won't entirely be departing from some of our typical design aesthetics. I'm sure some gray will show up (it's a great neutral) and we still like natural woods and rustic, industrial looks. I'm going to do my best to track every expense too, because I'd love to provide a room-by-room breakdown for others also trying to make a space feel like home, without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, does anyone have any resources for reasonably priced, well made couches available in a variety of colors? I'm already compiling a list of local consignment stores and flea markets and hopefully have some window shopping posts coming in the near future.