Weekends in Brooklyn

Keith and I have managed to cram full almost all of our weekends with lots of activities around or near Brooklyn, and last weekend was certainly no exception. On Saturday, we packed a picnic and headed to Prospect Park for a few hours of people watching and spirited conversation. Later that afternoon, we walked to Prospect Heights, bought two veggie subs to go and took the subway into Manhattan. We walked past the 9/11 Memorial & Museum to an outdoor movie with Rooftop FilmsRacing Extinction. One of our friends edited the film, and we were really moved and impressed by the documentary. Go check it out in theaters this fall! Also, we'll definitely be attending more Rooftop Films this summer, because it was a really neat experience. 

On Sunday, we started off the morning with pancakes and granola parfaits, before strapping on our comfy walking shoes for a full day of exploring. We walked to Grand Army Plaza, which had about twenty food trucks set up near the park, and we couldn't resist sharing an apple cider donut from Carpe Donut (so delicious!). We spent the next thirty minutes exploring the Brooklyn Public Library - the outside is gorgeous and the inside is quiet and expansive. We plan to get New York driver's licenses next week, and then I can't wait to get a library card here. Next we walked around the corner to the Brooklyn Museum, which had a special exhibition on Basquiat and sneakers throughout the years.  The sneaker exhibit was actually pretty neat, but our favorite part was a collaboration by Brooklyn artists, FAILE. After hours of exploring, I was getting pretty desperate for lunch so we headed back to the food trucks. We shared a delicious, savory vegan curry pie and spicy pork roll from Dub Pies, before heading back to our apartment for a few hours. 

Next we drove our car north to Williamsburg to check out a barbecue event we had read about at The Woods. Every week during the summer, their restaurant partner, Landhaus, prepares a grilled meal using a different meat. This past weekend was pork, so we shared their meat platter, which included a spicy pork brat, grilled pork shank, mustard potato salad, coleslaw and red beans. We will definitely be back! The food was great and the bartender made me the best mock-tail yet, a ginger and mint soda with a lime. Just thinking about that meal is making me a little hungry now! After watching Racing Extinction on Saturday, Keith and I both agreed to limit our meat intake though, and since we had so much on Saturday, we're definitely sticking to veggies and fruits the rest of the week. After dinner, we walked around Williamsburg for a few hours. I had heard that area is pretty youthful (i.e. hipster/trendy) so I wasn't expecting much to be honest. But, there were tons of neat shops, restaurants, cafes, etc and the views of Manhattan from the water are definitely worth the trip there!

This upcoming weekend we're hoping to spend some time with a friend from Long Island, and on Sunday we're emptying our storage unit by moving a few things into our new place early, and the rest into our sublet until we can fully move in to the new apartment the following weekend. I've got some updates on new apartment designs for later this week, and plan to continue sharing more Brooklyn tips and details over the coming months. Thanks for following along!