New York State of Mind

This weekend I've officially been in New York for three weeks! I can't believe it's almost been a month. In the past three weeks, I have ridden the subway a few times by myself (even into Manhattan!) and walked many, many miles around Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, etc. I've had some delicious pizza and tacos, had my first burger at Shake Shack, enjoyed many morning walks through Prospect Park, started prenatal yoga classes, bought local veggies and juice at a farmer's market in Grand Army Plaza, and attended UU church services in Brooklyn Heights. I think it's going to take getting through our first official winter to feel like an actual New Yorker, but I'm definitely starting to feel more comfortable here. 

Even with all the exploring, this week I've been a little homesick, so last night to celebrate Keith's new film editing gig (!!!), we went out for tacos and chips + guac in homage to our hometown. I even got a virgin margarita, and I have to say, the entire meal was pretty good. There was a decent amount of spice (something typically lacking in northern mexican food) and the guacamole totally hit the spot. I'm not sure it made me less homesick, but paired with FaceTiming my sister while she babysat my niece and two nephews last night did seem to help. The truth is I don't actually miss Austin or our house yet (OMG - I do NOT miss house bills and stress at all!), I really just miss family and friends. 

This is all just part of the moving process though, so my plan for next week is to keep myself busy and become further acclimated with my new home! Today I took a long walk through Prospect Park and then just spent some time laying in the grass watching kids and dogs run around after birds and squirrels. This afternoon I'm going to walk to the Brooklyn Library to get a library card and spend some time in the peace and quiet looking through Interior Design magazines for new apartment ideas, and maybe check out a few books too. This weekend, Keith and I are planning a museum day and going into Manhattan to see the new Mission Impossible movie. And next week, I'm going to spend more time looking into freelance gigs (so I can stay home for the next year), local social groups I can join (book clubs!), and already have several get togethers planned with new friends. Next weekend, we also have plans with friends on Long Island, so we're planning a little weekend getaway as a belated wedding anniversary celebration.

Have any of my readers made a big cross-country or even cross-state move and have additional tips on acclimating yourself to a new place? If it weren't so humid out, I'd definitely be spending every second outdoors or at the park. I already can't wait for fall, cooler weather, pumpkin patches and driving to the countryside for some apple picking!