Our next (little) adventure

On Saturday we made an exciting announcement: we're having a baby in early January! We announced on social media with a photo of us in Prospect Park (New York) pointing to my belly. Before posting on social media, we mailed out cards to our family of photos my sister took about a month ago in the hill country. 

We're very excited and this may explain some of the reasons I've been so behind on blogging. I'm fourteen weeks and this has been such a difficult secret to keep. Don't expect my blog to become baby-central, as long as I can get back on a regular writing schedule, I hope to start sharing a lot more on the big move. If you would like occasional pregnancy or baby updates though, I plan to post those only on instagram, so feel free to send a follow request (@alanna_fraase) or unfollow me if you already get too many baby posts on social media. I totally understand either way! 

We just arrived in New York three days ago so I've got another post planned about the trip and our gorgeous new neighborhood soon!