May Adventure: Listing our First House

I know things have been quiet on the blog lately, so I'm finally here with my main excuse. We got back from Europe on May 4, went to the beach for a few days, and then spent the rest of the month getting our house ready to sell. I've never sold a house before, or gotten it ready to sell, but I now know that it is a crazy and stressful process. I started a to-do list our last week in Europe of everything we thought we needed to get done before the house could be photographed for listing, and then additional items to complete before we were ready to put it on the market. The second week of May, we repaired a few cracks in the sunroom, removed a lot of pictures (about half the house) and patched holes, decluttered shelves and surfaces, added some blooming flowers to our flower beds, and packed up about 1/3 of our kitchen cabinets, frames and decor. I also sold a few items on Craigslist to further declutter rooms and on May 16, our realtor's photographer took our house's beauty shots. 

The third week of May, we finished mulching all our flower beds, had the yard mowed and pulled weeds (in between daily thunderstorms), we organized the garage, took our twenty packed boxes to a nearby storage unit, had the house deep-cleaned, and spent almost every other night with friends or family. The night of May 21, our house went live and we held our breath in anticipation of our first open house and potential home buyers. Memorial Weekend flew by with a slight flurry of visitors, and plenty more rain, but no initial offers. 

With Keith set to leave for New York at the end of the month, we filled the last week of May with more friend and family outings. We stayed up late two nights in a row prepping for his move, and Keith finished packing his bags the evening before his flight. He's now comfortably moved in our Brooklyn sublease for the summer and I'm here until we have a contract on the house. We've now had two open houses, been on the market for two weekends, but are still anxiously waiting on offers. Patience is not my strong suit, especially when I'm excited to join Keith in Brooklyn, but I'm trying to remind myself that selling a home is a process. And the right person or people will walk into our lovely home any day now, and fall just in love with it as we did the first time we toured it four years ago this August. 

I'm very much hoping that my June adventure involves selling our first home, so that by July, I can start talking about more exciting things - like being a New Yorker! Thanks for the good thoughts and finger crossing.