March Mini Adventure: Marfa

I'm writing this from the lobby of my sister-in-law's company as we wait for our cab ride to the airport for our March - April huge adventure, so please excuse typos. Last week for my 30th birthday, we drove to West Texas and spent several days eating good food and relaxing in Marfa, hiking Fort Davis, and exploring Alpine. My sister and her friend were on spring break from college and drove out to surprise me. I was planning a Marfa travel guide for the blog, but I don't have quite enough time to dedicate to this as I'd like, so for now, here are a few quick tips on West Texas from someone who has been there 5 times, one of those visits being my wedding.


Marfa is a small, artsy town in the middle of nowhere. It's about a 6.5 hour drive from Austin, a 3-hr drive from the nearest airport, with a population of around 2100, and 100% worth a visit if you enjoy good food, people watching and art. Our favorite lunch spot in town is Food Shark with the best hummus and falafel wrap we've ever had, our favorite brunch spots are Cochineal or Squeeze Marfa, and the best coffee in town is at Frama. We love all the local galleries and exhibits too, and every time we go, we're sure to visit Ballroom Marfa. This last visit was actually the first time we'd gone to the Chinati Foundation, which I'd also highly recommend checking out.

I don't have enough time to go into Fort Davis or Alpine, so my four additional tips are checking out Fort Davis State Park, the Indian Lodge, Big Bend Brewing, and the Saddle Club. Our ride is almost here, so hopefully, my next post will involve lots of pictures of Italy!