Life is Crazy

If you had asked me one year ago, where we'd be at this time next year, I would have guessed decorating our porch for spring, plotting out planting bed ideas, repainting my office again, preparing to shop at Round Top Antique Weekend, and maybe considering going to a few shows at SXSW. I would have also guessed that Keith would be working with a local production company and starting to work on his own film script.

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If you had asked me six months ago where we'd be now, I might have told you checking out listings on farmhouses and cottages in Colorado or Connecticut, just getting back from a skiing trip, considering adopting one more dog or fostering a few, and researching backyard gardens and raising chickens. I might have guessed I'd be taking online design classes or apprenticing with a local furniture maker, and Keith would be commuting to New York or Los Angeles for work.

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I never would have guessed, even six months ago, that we'd currently be packing up our house, selling one of our cars, looking for summer sublets in Brooklyn, and that this Friday would be my last day at my current job. So, if you ask me now what I think we'll be doing or where we'll be one year from now, I'd tell you that I'm working on accepting that there are no certainties with the future. I've had a one-year, five-year and ten-year plan since I was seven or eight. Once I met Keith, it became more of one - three year plan knowing that his career requires lots of flexibility. So one year from now, what will we be doing? Well I look forward to letting you know around March 1, 2016.