Apartment Living with Dogs

Keith and I lived in a 900 square foot apartment for two years before getting married and, three months later, bought our 2,100 square foot home. We've lived in our current house for over three years now, so even though we've lived in much smaller spaces previously, I'm aware that renting in New York will still be a big shift. As soon as we got back from our trip, I started a Pinterest board called "Small Apartment Living". We aren't starting to actually look for a rental for a few more months, but I am starting to compile a mental wish list and decorating ideas.

Our first apartment together was a two-bedroom, one-bath with a small bonus room that served as Keith's office. We'll definitely be looking for a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, and assuming we don't get lucky enough to get a bonus room, that second bedroom will serve as Keith's office, my craft room, and a guest room for the friends and family we hope come to visit. We're currently deciding which of our furniture to sell and what to hold onto, and keeping that extra room in mind, I'm trying to decide if my office pallet desk could serve as both our desks (it's 5' long). We also plan to keep my office daybed and perhaps get a trundle for underneath, so it doesn't take up too much space but technically fits a couple.

Here are a few shared office-guest rooms that I love:

I think my main wish list item for our new space will be a nook or small bonus area for the dogs to sleep. In our first apartment they slept on dog beds in our master bedroom at night, but our lab is a pacer and would get up throughout the night, and our other dog has some flatulence issues that could honestly clear out a room. In our current house, the pups originally slept in our sunroom, and after a year trying to destroy that room, their sleeping space was moved to the heated garage. I can't imagine having them sleep in our room again, so I'm hoping we can find an apartment with an area that makes sense for their beds.

Worst case scenario, perhaps we'll convert our tv stand, like this: