Preparing Our Home to Sell

Last week I shared our plans to move to New York City this summer and since then, I have been in all-out planning mode. We have a big March adventure coming up in exactly one month (more details coming soon), so I only have three more weeks at my job. We're planning to put our house on the market in early May, so with preparations underway for next month's adventure, wrapping up at my job, and prepping our house for showings in a few months, I feel slightly unhinged these days. On top of all of that, while I'm excited for this next big step in our lives, I'm obviously also very sad to be moving so far away from friends and family. 

I'm not quite ready to start selling all our things and de-cluttering our 2,100 square foot home so I'm starting this process in baby steps. I gave my mother-in-law half my fabric collection, am going to give half my other craft supplies to a friend, and have taken half my art off my office walls. Even just doing half of everything was still really difficult! I'm starting to read tips to help with this process and thought I'd share a few here in case others have similar needs.

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And lastly, because I liked this graphic so much, a home prep guide for getting your house ready to sell from Trulia:

Keith has been doing far better than me with house chores. Within the last week, he started packing his office, repaired bathroom grout, cleaned his car and got it ready to sell (we're going down to one car), repaired a sunroom window and some blinds, and lots of general clean-up and organizing. My in-laws dropped off tons of boxes and packing material for us this week, so I really don't have any excuses to not start packing.

This weekend we're watching our nephew and niece one more time before the move (*sob*) so I don't expect to get much done, but next week my two big goals are cleaning out my office and the guest room. A friend will be house sitting for us in a few weeks, so I need to empty out the guest closet and dresser for her. Thankfully we're not starting to sell any of our furniture until May, so I still have time to prepare for the house getting much more empty! It's strange spending 3+ years slowly filling up a home and now we have 3 months to completely clear it out. What a crazy adventure!

If you've ever sold a home before, or made a huge downsize in your living situation, please share your stories and tips in the comments. I'll keep you updated on my progress over the coming weeks.