February Adventure: An Announcement

I keep trying to post more frequently, but as I've been keeping a secret for the past few months, it's been difficult to come up with blog topics without sharing everything here. Our family found out first, then a few close friends, and just last week, my coworkers. This past week Keith and I flew to New York City. We spent the week under lots of layers of clothes, braving the snow and cold, zipping across the city on the subway, and meeting up with old and new friends for good drinks and food.

Me in Central Park

We explored Central Park and Prospect Park, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, Hoboken and South Orange (New Jersey), Brooklyn and a little of Queens, the upper West side, Chelsea and Soho. We drank coffee and tea all day long (to stay warm) and walked thousands of stairs and steps every single day. The most touristy thing we did was walk the Brooklyn bridge, but for the most part, we tried to blend in and go where the locals go. 

Keith on the Brooklyn Bridge

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Keith wrapped up seven years editing for a local Film Director on February 6. And the very next day, we had an early flight to New York for Keith to meet with east coast film connections. As you probably guessed by now, or already know because you're one of our moms reading this, our big adventure for February was not just a trip to New York City. It involves a very large, next step for us. 

One of our favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens

That's right - we're moving! I considered putting that sentence in all caps. Just imagine me yelling it loudly, excitedly but with a little scared quiver in my voice. We have always known a relocation was a strong possibility as the next logical step in Keith's career, and since we've both pretty much lived in Texas our entire lives, we have always been open to moving. Once Keith's wrap-up timeline was generally confirmed (as most readers know, it tended to shift), we started talking more about next steps and where we wanted to live. 

We narrowed it down to Colorado and New York, though always knew New York was more likely based on career opportunities. Honestly, even up to us landing in New York City last Saturday, we weren't 100% sold on it being the right place for us. After almost a week exploring, braving the cold, reconnecting with friends and making new connections, walking everywhere, meeting with a variety of awesome companies (both of us), and falling in love with all of Brooklyn, we actually had a difficult time coming back to Austin. New York City is already starting to feel like home.

So after lots of talking, planning, and of course some tears, we are finally ready to share this big new adventure with everyone! I'm so happy to have it out on the blog, and look forward to sharing more details over the coming months. We're currently planning to list our house in early May for a summer move, so I have lots of future posts in mind on the entire process. Thank you for all the good wishes and happy thoughts over the coming months!