Apple Picking and NYC Tourism

Last weekend my in-laws drove up from Texas to kindly deliver our dog Aurora to us in Brooklyn. Neither of my in-laws had ever really been to New York, so Keith and I had the chance to serve as guides for the weekend. As new residents to New York we certainly weren't the most qualified, so it was fun getting to feel a bit like tourists ourselves.We rode the subway and explored Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square their first rainy day here. Over the weekend, we took them to the MET, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, Soho, Battery Park, the 9/11 Memorial and Washington Square Park. They had their first New York slice in Manhattan, freshly baked bagels from a Park Slope favorite, and NY cheesecake from a 24-hour diner. We walked until our legs ached most days and then rode the subway back to our tiny Brooklyn apartment. It was a wonderful, packed weekend and we can't wait for more visits! 

This also means that our dog Aurora is now an apartment dweller again. She hasn't lived in an apartment since our early days, five years ago, renting a 900-square foot 2-bedroom in Hyde Park. Aurora also hasn't been a solo dog since I first adopted her almost eight years ago. Needless to say, it's been a bit of a transition for all of us, but she seems to be adapting. We take her for two long walks a day to Prospect Park and she enjoys smelling everything possible along the way, and occasionally attempts to trip sidewalk runners or get in other dogs' faces. In the middle of the day, she and I have a shorter route around our block that's always nice for an afternoon stroll. And she seems to be getting slowly better about not dragging me down the sidewalk. We set up a soft, collapsible kennel for her in our office as a bit of a sanctuary and she sleeps in there at night. She and I also enjoy hanging outside in our front courtyard area on really nice days. I'll read a book while she greets each person that walks by. Keith and I are taking a puppy-baby prep class later this week, and I'm hoping that will be one more step in getting her ready for the next big change. 

This past weekend, Keith and I drove with friends of ours for apple and pumpkin picking in Princeton, New Jersey. It was a very picturesque 1.5-hour drive there (once you get past the tolls), Princeton is of course gorgeous, and Terhune Orchards had a nice variety of apples to choose from. I highly recommend getting there early, because their fall festival was in full swing, so by the time we finished apple picking and headed to the other side for pumpkins and apple cider donuts, it was a bit chaotic trying to park and get through the crowds. All in all though, it was a really enjoyable way to spend part of our Sunday, and I'm already excited to go back next year for the obligatory baby in the pumpkin patch shots! I also now have two bags full of apples and am currently deciding between making crock-pot apple butter, applesauce, apple bread or all three. I'll share the recipes once I decide! 

In the next week, I'm planning a post with tips for others that have moved to a new city and am hoping by the end of the month to share some updated photos on our apartment progress. As always, thanks for following along and check back for more soon!