September Mini Adventures

Last month I talked about different ideas for fulfilling my "year of adventure" goal for the next three months. Well for September, Keith and I decided to try to do some kind of "mini adventure" every weekend. The first weekend in September, we were actually in Texas for our couple's shower, and I think traveling while pregnant is a bit of an adventure in itself, so we'll let that one slide. The second weekend of September, Keith and I rode the subway to the end of the southern Brooklyn line and got off at Coney Island. 

It was a bit of a dreary day but thankfully we only got stuck in about a ten-minute downpour. The rest of our time there was filled with sampling a few local foods (shared an ice cream cone and Keith tried a famous hot dog), walking the entire length of the boardwalk, me jealously watching all the roller coaster riders, and just general people watching. Coney Island is the perfect blend of cheesy, dirty and quirky. We loved it and can't wait to go to the Mermaid Parade there with our little girl next summer! 

The third weekend of September was a bit of a challenge, because Friday morning I woke up with a slight cold. Being pregnant, I'm trying to stay away from too many meds so I powered through the weekend with just my prenatals, chamomile tea and a neti pot. It totally worked thankfully and by Sunday I was already starting to feel better! So we took the car and drove to the Rockaways for one final beach day before fall weather. We packed a picnic, our beach chairs and some books and spent several pretty relaxing hours by the water side. The beach itself is lovely, though the downtown was a lot less idyllic than I was expecting for a popular beach spot, and we had some issues with biting flies. Other than that, it was really nice to get away from the city for a  day and I can't believe what a quick, easy drive it is to a beach for us now! In Austin, we were at least 3+ hours drive from anything (and far less idyllic). 

For our final "mini adventure" of last month we stayed a little more local and enjoyed a weekend of outdoor shopping. On Saturday, we took the subway and our small shopping cart to Fort Greene for the Brooklyn Flea Market. It's either the largest or one of the largest of the Brooklyn Flea locations, and it did not disappoint. I wanted to insure we went before the end of the season and they temporarily disband until next spring, so I was really glad we were able to spend several hours there. Keith checked out lots of vintage flannels (unfortunately all too short for his tall stature) and I drooled over every item of handmade furniture. We wound up buying a small wooden crate for the nursery (we're going to add caster wheels and use as a toy box) and a vintage chalkboard for her room too. Then we split a superb brisket slider and pork belly sticky rice from the small selection of Smorgasburg food stands, and made our way back home with our finds. 

One of our two finds for the day! 

The following day, friends of ours from Long Island drove into the city and picked us up for a day of window shopping. We drove to Dumbo and checked out several furniture shops (unfortunately all a bit outside of our budgets) then met up with friends of theirs for an early dinner in Brooklyn Heights. All in all, it was a lovely weekend of shopping and perfect way to wrap up our mini adventures! We haven't decided whether to continue our mini adventures this month or try something a little more out there with the New York Adventure Club, but our plans for this weekend are packed full of showing Keith's parents around the city during their four-day visit. They arrive in a few hours with our dog, Aurora, and I'm sure at least some of what we do will have a bit of adventure wrapped up in it!