Let's go on an Adventure

Last week I shared that my word for 2015 is adventure, and so, I've spent the past few days trying to decide what adventurous undertaking we should do this month. To start, I did a google search and found this extensive list of local ideas. Most are more family oriented but there were several that stood out to me as an option for us.

I love the cold weather we're experiencing in Austin right now, so all the outdoor ideas sound especially appealing. I've also always been interested in checking out the Cathedral of Junk and geocaching. The main one that is currently standing out to me for this month though, is the star party at UT. I'll be keeping an eye on their website to see if they post dates for late January. Some additional ideas I had for this month are going back to a rock climbing gym or dancing at The Highball.

Any other adventurous ideas I should consider for January? Or has anyone else chosen a word of the year? Please share in the comment section!