My January Adventure

Earlier this month I shared some ideas I had for my adventure in January. While it's technically a shared word for Keith and I, we knew as long as he was still working this month, it would be tough to do something adventurous together. I continued brainstorming for a few days at the beginning of this month and then got an email newsletter from a local woodworking shop. A friend shared the shop's information a few months ago and I've been meaning to sign up for a class ever since. Well woodworking classes sounded adventurous so I took two this month!

The first class was two weeks ago on hand saws and it was totally different than what I was expecting. Clearly I'm a beginner level furniture maker, because I never even considered that a class on saws would mean hand saws. I was one of two women in the class and definitely one of the slowest saw-ers, but by the end, I felt a little more confident in my sawing skills! And I definitely want to buy at least 1 - 2 hand saws and start using them more in my furniture making. I went straight home from the class and started watching YouTube videos on sawing techniques.

Last week I took my second class on wood, which was slightly less intimidating, but really informative. The class was more lecture style and we learned all about the best and worst woods for furniture-making, a variety of terms, how to buy wood at a lumber store, and much more. I took tons of notes and told Keith as soon as I got home that I have a lot more researching, YouTube videos, blogs and classes in my future. I would love to get to a more intermediate level of woodworking, so I'm spending the next few weeks setting some firm goals and timelines around what it will take to get there.

Our February adventure is in just a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to exploring New York with Keith. Right now, it looks like February 6 is his final day at his current workplace, so fingers crossed that sticks and you'll be hearing a little more from him on this blog soon!