January in Texas Porch Decor

We didn't have a nearly long enough, or cold enough, winter for my taste and so, last weekend when it got up into the 70s, I finally accepted it was time to take down my porch decor from the holidays. Typically I look at Pinterest, brainstorm ideas, create a design board and then shop around, but this time I wanted something simple and easy to tide our porch over until the summer time. Most of the items on our porch needed a little updating anyway, so I took the following photo for the blog before starting the freshening up.

Last post, I shared about some of the items my sister and I bought for the update last weekend. I found two fall-colored vases at Jo-Anns that were on deep discount (75% off!).

They didn't really fit the color scheme I was going for, so I spray painted them each, weighted them down with rocks and added faux florals.

Once the vases were painted, I decided the side table, small lanterns and mailbox also needed some spiffing up, so I spray painted them as well. The mailbox has a metal piece that slides out in the front so I painted that with chalkboard paint for little messages (like "Mail here."). I thought of it the other day and am tempted to change out the message occasionally to things like "I eat mail" and "Mail makes me strong". I hope our mail-person has a good sense of humor!

I love making door wreaths, but this time I went simple and bought a pre-made one that was also on sale. It adds a nice bit of color to our front door and I think it ties in well with the rest of the porch decor too. I also swapped out the pillows on the bench with brighter patterned ones from our back porch. 

The yellow pot was also a discounted item I bought at Jo-Anns and then bought the large plant at Home Depot a few days later. I killed two of our porch plants during a deep freeze a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping this one survives. Once we're definitely through the coldest of this strange winter, I'm also going to add a few more plants to our front flower beds and a small wooden planter box near the porch, and hopefully add some flowered hanging plants too.