Designing Three Colorful Guest Rooms

About nine months ago, I shared an updated design board for my in-laws three guest rooms in their new house. Last month, we got to see the 95% completed house (still a few odds & ends plus a pool and landscaping to finish) and my mother-in-law and I started a list of things still to buy for the guest rooms. Yesterday, she and I drove to San Antonio together and after visiting just four stores, we found throw pillows, curtains, and bedsheets for the red/gold and blue/green rooms. We also bought the red/gold room a nighstand and the blue/green room a lamp shade. The rooms aren't 100% photo ready yet but they are pretty close, so I thought it'd be fun to share some progress photos with you.

Some of the big projects still remaining are a custom built headboard for the red/gold room (that will match the stain of that World Market dresser and nightstand) and a complete bed and dresser re-do for the green/blue room. I'm planning to sand and re-stain the (not pictured) green/blue rooms dresser and headboard and replace all the dresser's knobs. The blue/green room also needs a new mirror and both rooms need some kind of wall shelf or stand for a small television in each. I also need some more decorative items for their side tables and a little something on the dressers too. My mother-in-law is also adding black-out fabric to all the curtains this week and my father-in-law is building a custom valance for above the red/gold room's off-centered window (to make it appear centered). We didn't find much for the bunk room yet but fortunately it's already looking pretty sweet, if not a little under-furnished. 

We still are looking for curtains and throw pillows for the bunk room, though I'm kind of liking these star curtains (like the bedding in this room) from Land of Nod for that space. I'm going to try to build a custom teepee for the corner by the window and am also redoing a (not pictured) tall dresser that the owl lamp will sit on. Keith and I are planning to build a large chalkboard for that empty wall the red chair is against, and I'm still trying to decide on additional storage for toys and books. The bed itself has a lot of built-in storage so I'm keeping that in mind. I found several great books at Goodwill this weekend which are in one of the cabinets, but it could definitely use some more puzzles, games, and legos for when little visitors stay there in the future. 

I picked up the bunk room dresser yesterday, so I've got lots of furniture projects in the works now and am hoping to have some updated photos of at least one, for another blog post later this week. Until then, please share any storage or decor solutions that might be a great fit for one of these three rooms!