H is for Hello Darling

I'm trying to be more consistent in my blog posts this month so I stayed up a little late last night working on a new pallet sign for the shop and to share with you all today. I've been keeping a running list of ideas over the past few months for sayings on front porch or entryway pallet signs and am excited to have finally started building them. I started cutting pallet wood last weekend and am making the signs all the same size but each a slightly different layout. I decided to leave the pallet wood natural rather than sanding the front so I didn't lose any of the natural grain or worn look. I have a collection of stencils and will probably base the font I use on the message. Last night I used one of my favorite stencils to create the first of these new signs.

I'm planning to sand down the corners and back of the sign in case anyone uses this in their entryway, and will obviously seal the entire piece for outdoor use. I'm still trying to decide on adding hooks to the top (like our front porch sign) or on the back. Some of the other sign messages I've thought of so far are: Hey good looking, Howdy Beautiful/Handsome, and Come In - I'll give you shelter from the storm (hope someone knows that source). My plan this week is to finish this sign, and since Keith is off this weekend, I'm hoping we can make a little more progress on the entry table and share updates on that soon too!