Blog 1st Year Anniversary

Technically my one-year blog anniversary was July 3, but since it's just a month late, I thought it was still worth celebrating. I started this blog one year ago as part of my year of brave acts and it still feels pretty brave today. It's scary putting yourself out there on the world wide web for anyone to read and I still judge most of my posts pretty harshly. I never want to come across obnoxiously cheery or unrealistically perfect, so I hope this blog accurately portrays who I am. I also hope that some of my design boards and furniture projects are inspiring and I appreciate you sticking with me for the first year or just checking this site out for the first time. 

Here are links to a few of my earliest posts:

And here are some of my most popular previous posts (based on comments, number of views, etc):

Though it's still nerve wracking, I'm excited to be one month into a new year of blogging and hope that you all continue to follow along on this journey. This year I'm hoping for many more room reveals, furniture projects, house tips and a few more travel adventures. If there is something specific you'd like me to be sharing, or something you'd like to see more of, now is the time to mention it. Thanks lovely readers!