August Resolution: Yoga and Epsom Salts

I've mentioned this multiple times in past resolution recap posts this year and I'm probably starting to sound whiny, so I'll try to just say it one last time, peace is so much more challenging for me than brave was last year. Perhaps that's the point of this whole "choosing a word to define my year" goal. Maybe every single year it should be even more challenging, because the purpose is to encourage personal growth, and if it wasn't hard then I definitely wouldn't be growing. Well this month, I decided to try to attend one yin yoga or gentle yin class a week, on recommendation from a friend. The classes essentially focus on deep stretches, slow breathing and relaxation. I'm planning to attend two more by end of month and may continue in the future. I always struggle to begin new practices, but whether I continue or not, I've enjoyed getting back into yoga after years away.

Along with the yin yoga, I also attempted to do something peaceful at least every other day this month. That mainly involved alternating between evenings reading a spiritual practice book or relaxing in a detox bath of epsom salts, lavendar drops and baking soda. With just four months left in the year, I'm going to try to bring all of these different, new things together and see what combination is the most realistic to continue with and brings about the most peace.

I want to make aromatherapy, the gratitude journal, and meditation a more regular part of my everyday life. I also hope to continue to get better at cutting out social media. Over the next four months, I might also check out infrared saunas, form a prayer practice, read a few more peaceful-oriented books, walk every morning, attend a meditation class, and start a regular acupuncture treatment. I'm still trying to decide on one final big peaceful act to finish out the year and kick off 2015. Of course I'll share all about it here, and let you know if through this process, I became a more peaceful person.