A Pallet Entry Table

Two weekends ago, my brother delivered pallets to us for a new furniture project for our Etsy shop. We're trying to use more locally resourced items for our furniture, so I jumped at the chance to use these free pallets from a New Braunfels company. I sketched out a few different design ideas for an entry table, headboard or coffee table and decided to start with the entry table. I wanted to try a slightly different, fun design so I drew out the table top dimensions on a piece of plywood and started setting out the pallet wood to decide on a final layout. Once I had decided on the layout and design, I started measuring and marking the wood for the cuts. I know how to use our miter saw, but I'm still a little nervous about it, so Keith made all the cuts for me. For the two diagonal pieces of wood, he used our circular saw for the most severe angles and cut the rest of the vertical pieces on our miter saw. Here are a few progress photos from Sunday:

I love the rough, worn look of older pallets! After we had all the wood pieces cut, we took (a much nicer than picture) piece of plywood to our neighbor's house who graciously offered to let us cut it on their table saw. As there are so many cuts and angles, we thought this piece would be more secure glued directly to a piece of plywood rather than gluing and clamping each individual piece together, as we typically do for our 2 - 3 piece benches and tables. On Sunday, we glued and clamped the two diagonal pieces to the plywood and then each day this week, I've adhered the rest of the pieces. Tonight, I started lightly sanding the piece to clean up the sharp edges. I like the rustic look but don't want anyone getting splinters! Later this week I plan to use our belt sander to clean up the edges more and then frame the sides. 

I'm still trying to decide on what leg shape and material (wood vs metal) I want to use with this piece and if I should keep it natural wood or paint the trim and legs. Once I've determined that, I'll share updated photos with it nicely styled and link to the new listing in our shop. Until then, please share your thoughts and feedback on the legs and paint vs stain using the survey below. Thanks! 

Table Leg Survey
What leg style should I use for this piece? Type into Home Depot search for photo examples.
Paint vs Stain Survey
If I use all wood, should I stain or paint the trim and legs?