MRI and Pallet Tables

I was planning to get a post up this past weekend with a completed picture of the pallet entry table I've been working on for the past few weeks, but unfortunately weekend plans got in the way and the table is still in the works. Even so, I promised an update so I'm sharing one today! The table top is done and I'm very happy with how it turned out. The majority of readers voted in one of my previous posts to keep the wood natural and add metal legs, so that's the design I've been working on. On Saturday, we framed the top with 1 x 3 pine boards and then started cutting the crown bolt plain steel angles with our jigsaw for the custom legs. We followed a tutorial from another blogger who made similar metal legs. I stained the table top and sides with a natural stain color, just for a more uniform look, but yesterday was still feeling like the pine felt a bit too clean next to the pallet wood. I decided to stain the sides a slightly darker shade, and after sealing with a semi-gloss polyurethane, this is how the entry table top currently looks:

Once the legs were cut to size, we pre-drilled holes for the metal bolts we bought and then I spray-painted all of the metal antique bronze. Since we got a bit behind on finishing up the table over the weekend, I decided to try adding the legs this morning, but was having trouble with the bolts tightening in the wood. I'm waiting for Keith to get home tonight and I'm hoping we can figure out a solution tonight so I can share the finished piece soon. 

I actually took today off of work, so besides working a little more on the entry table, I also had lunch with a friend and visited a local furniture designer's space down south. About an hour ago, I also had my first ever MRI on my brain and spine. As you may recall, I've been getting migraines for almost a year now and after my last bad attack my doctor voiced concerns about some of my symptoms being similar to MS. He referred me to a neurologist, who I saw a few weeks ago, and while there I also talked to him about the ongoing pain I'd been experiencing with my back for months now too. He recommended I get a MRI for both, and that finally happened today. I wasn't sure what to expect, but after having to sit completely still in that tube-shaped, excruciatingly loud machine for 45-minutes straight, I definitely never want to get another one! I'll obviously share more once I have the follow-up appointment with my neurologist in a few weeks, but I'm hopeful the worst part was the initial visit and the results will be far less scary. Also, if you're curious about my peaceful act for this month, I'll admit now I didn't really do one. I just focused on trying not to worry too much over the MRI and let myself hold off on starting a yoga routine or some new meditation practice for next month.