A Third Anniversary

First of all, I have gone one week (okay technically six days) without looking at any social media or the typical blogs I follow (first-person perspective). It's definitely been difficult. At least once a day, someone asks if I saw some mutual friend's photo on Facebook or a recipe on Pinterest. Mostly I miss Pinterest. And younghouselove a little too. But I'm also starting to enjoy the cleansing process. In place of the social media and blog browsing, I've been spending more time talking to my husband and getting a lot of work done at my job. I've also been reading a lot more this month. Seriously - I read 2 1/8 books (just started An Object of Beauty) in the past week.

With all this new-found free time on my hands, I've also been spending time brainstorming what to make Keith for our three-year wedding anniversary next month. We decided a few months before getting married that we wanted to always make each other's anniversary gifts. For our 0-year, he wrote me a song and sang it to me before our reception and I gave him a hand stitched handkerchief. Ok I paid someone to stitch it, but to be fair, I was planning a mini-destination wedding. For our 1-year, he started editing our wedding footage into a video (read "started") and I designed, printed and framed a poster with a Shel Silverstein quote (for paper). For our 2-year, he built me a craft table that has folding sides and caster wheels and I cross-stitched him a wall hanging for his office of Ron Swanson.

That gift I did stitch myself (with the help of Etsy seller Bombastitch's patterns). The 3-year anniversary theme is leather or crystal/glass. I thought about making him a wallet or some kind of leather wristband, but I think it's time to give up on trying to adhere to the "anniversary themes". Since Keith really doesn't read my blog, I think it's safe to share a few of the ideas I have for the handmade anniversary gift for him this year. He has a small space in his office, between the bookshelves, that is in need of some artwork, so here are a few things I've considered making to fill that space.

Draw a caricature of us and our dogs:

Design a scrabble-themed card:

Design and print a goofy "I Love" Poster:

From  BeHappy

From BeHappy

Just kidding! In all seriousness, I am obviously planning to make something and it will probably be for that space in his office I mentioned, but I can't just post the actual ideas I have in the off-chance this one time, he actually reads a blog post. I will post the final project though after I give it to him on June 18. 

How do you celebrate anniversaries? Do you make a weekend or an evening of it? And have you managed to stick to the "anniversary theme"? Tell me everything. I've got another 55+ anniversary gifts to make!