A Sunroom / Hotel Gym

In March, Keith shared a "getting things done" post which included some projects for our sunroom / home gym. Since then, we've made a few more updates so I thought it would be fun to share a little side-by-side and recent photos of the room I have lovingly started referring to as our "hotel gym". As a reminder, here is the comparison shot of our sunroom from when we first bought the house 2 1/2 years ago and then how it looked during our renovation a few months ago:

After bringing in contractors to renovate the space, we decided it would be nice to have a treadmill to train on during rainy or unbearably hot summer days, so we saved up and bought one a little over a month ago.  Last month, Keith also convinced me to buy our 2nd television to go above the treadmill and that is how the space became renamed "hotel gym". We've gradually added a few other workout tools and the space is slowly coming together. As of last weekend, our gym now looks like this:

We'd like to buy more dumbbells, eventually maybe an exercise bench, and make that corner with the yellow-striped ottoman more of a meditation / relaxation spot, but for now I can't believe how far it's come! I love the floor, white trim and gray walls - this room makes me wish our entire house looked like this. It's so light and airy - almost makes running on a treadmill enjoyable.

So with this new space, Keith and I have been doing a little better about more regular workouts. I have a set of core workouts I do every morning, and I've been slowly incorporating more workouts with the medicine and exercise balls. I've got a ten-year high school anniversary at the end of next month so here are a few additional exercises I've been adding to my typical routine to get in better shape for that occasion:

1) Real Simple Back Strengthening Exercises
2) Women's Health Arm Exercises
3) Shape 30-Minute Exercises

I'm looking forward to having some guests over that bring their running shoes and get to enjoy this space as well, since of course, my ultimate goal as a host is to make my guests feel like they're at a weekend resort. I just need a massage therapist on-call and a sauna added to the house!