May Resolution: Social Media Cleanse

As part of my peaceful resolution of 2014, I chose to cut out all social media and personal blogs for the month of May. From May 2nd onward, I didn't check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and didn't read Young House Love, Bower Power, The Lettered Cottage, Love Taza, Emily Henderson or Centsational Girl. Less intentionally, I also skipped news updates (NPR) and didn't look at Buzzfeed once the entire month. It was really tough, especially in the beginning, but I found myself spending less time on my phone and more time interacting with others actually with me!

The most challenging part for me was probably missing out on regular updates on Facebook and Instagram. I especially missed the photos of my niece that my brother and sister-in-law in Wisconsin share regularly. But I kept reminding myself that any news I needed to know, I would find out face-to-face from friends. And that's exactly what happened this month! Friends knew I was off social media so they told me in person or over the phone their exciting news, event invitations, or health scares. I didn't need to check a news feed to know what was happening to those important to me, and it was a nice break from the hordes of information we're bombarded with regularly on social media sites.

My plan going forward for social media is to stay off Twitter and refrain from going back to all the personal blogs I used to read, only check Pinterest for recipes and sharing design boards, and use Facebook to share my blog posts and check messages or notifications 1 - 2 times weekly. I'm going to try not to get sucked back into it all and if necessary, may extend my social media cleanse for another few months or eventually just delete all my accounts. On Sunday morning, I logged back into Instagram and Facebook. I didn't check the news feed or photos I had missed in May. I posted a new photo announcing my return from a social media cleanse and shared a blog link on Facebook. So far, I've managed to check Instagram only once daily and haven't been on Facebook since Sunday.

I also realized recently that Keith's guest posts have been absent for a few months, since the film he's currently working on is wrapping up and he hasn't had as much time to focus on home projects. Instead I decided to share my own "getting it done" update along with the May peaceful act recap. First I'll admit that I may have an art hoarding problem. I have entirely too much artwork and fully intend to reduce my collection at some point. Until then, I allowed myself to buy a few more pieces and after months of them sitting around, I finally got them all hung last weekend. We purchased two cardboard animal heads from a shop in Fredericksburg several months ago for our bedroom and I hung them with two small wooden mirrors near our corner reading chair.

While collecting artwork for my friend's travel-themed nursery, I found a set of quirky travel-themed prints on Etsy and thought they would be really cute in my office instead. I also shared a window shopping post back in March and noted that I had purchased a set of colorful cards from Target with an inspirational quote and decided to hang it in my office beneath my framed diploma.

Last month, I accidentally broke the glass in one of our staircase hallway frames and finally replaced the glass and artwork for a handmade piece (left corner) from one of my very talented friends.


I visited my sister at college several weeks ago and we went to one of her friend's art shows. Keith and I have been wanting to slowly start purchasing art from local artists for our decor, but our collection is currently only made up of a few pieces from a friend (art in above photo). While at the Schreiner art show, I fell in love with a photo her friend shot while studying abroad in Venice, so Keith and I decided to purchase it. We replaced a mirror in our living room with the new piece, that was printed on metal and hangs directly on the wall. I love that it's one of the last things I see when I leave for work every day - and it helps remind me to keep dreaming and traveling!

I've already started my June peaceful daily act and look forward to sharing more on that over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I promise to not buy any more art!