A Craft Room for Two

A friend asked me a few months ago to help her reorganize her craft & game room / art studio. I visited her house a few weeks ago and walked around taking pictures of their space and each room to get a feel for their design preferences. They did a wonderful job redecorating their master bedroom a few months ago, but my friend has struggled with the layout and storage for her craft room. My friend is an artist and uses this space to paint and craft. Her daughter often spends time in this room with her, playing with toys or painting alongside her.

Before beginning a design plan, I asked my friend to send me a list of items she wants to keep, items she would like replaced, a budget for the project, ultimate goals for the space and a description of her "dream craft room" (if budget weren't an issue). She wants an inspiring and inviting space that is well organized and reflective of her style and taste. So I started going through her Pinterest boards and pulling images that stood out to me into a PowerPoint presentation. Next, I reviewed her house photos and kept an eye out for repetitive design and color schemes for a clearer idea of what she's drawn to. Earlier this week, I created the following design board as a starting point for this project.

Click to enlarge.

The storage and decor images are mostly from her Pinterest "craft room" board, along with a few other ideas I thought would work well in the space. The color scheme is pulling from some already in the space along with other colors she used in their recently decorated master bedroom for a consistent flow and look throughout their home. To offer a lot of storage options, and maintain a low budget, I'm planning to incorporate a mix of inexpensive and custom-built shelving options, along with art display wires and custom bulletin boards. I also want to help keep the space fun and playful by using bright colors and comfortable places to recline while reading, coloring or crafting.

I'm looking forward to sharing images of my friend's nursery project I recently completed in my next post. In the meantime, I'm planning to start drafting some room layout options and pricing out multiple shelving options for this space. I'll keep you updated on the progress over the coming months.

Sources: Color scheme from Design Seeds. Lavender rug from Urban Outfitters. All other images from various Pinterest users.