Reclaiming our Backyard

I shared some photos back in March of how our backyard looked when we first moved into our house almost three years ago, and explained how the backyard has pretty much been destroyed since then. Last year, we brought out irrigation and landscaping companies to get quotes on installing sprinklers and sod to our backyard, and then saved up for the next six months or so. We finally decided to have them start a few weeks ago so I wanted to share progress photos with you all. They first started by tearing up what remained of the old grass  and pulling weeds. Then they installed landscaping metal trim for the plant beds and trimmed all our trees. Next plants and mulch were brought in and planter boxes were set-up along our patio. The irrigation company came in after that to lay the sprinkler system in front and back, and then the final two days, the landscaping company laid the sod.

I took tons of photos every day, but thought it would be fun to share a panoramic shot of the backyard for each day of the process.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four (post-sprinklers and mulch)

Day Five

Day Six

Obviously the landscaping didn't happen over six days in a row, since they took breaks for the weekend and a few days off for the sprinklers to be installed, but it was a surprisingly quick process. And it was especially fun to come home every day and practically have a brand-new backyard! I wasn't able to get photos of the planter boxes in the panoramic so here is what they currently look like:

We had only budgeted for one planter box originally but once I saw them, I asked for a second one so that's why there aren't as many herbs in them. We're planning to add a few more to that second one. I'm also trying to decide if I should paint these a color more in line with our house colors - like gray, white or maybe even red like our shutters. Here are a few closer shots of the yard since some of it is difficult to see in the panoramics.

1/2 sodded

1/2 sodded

The brick bed in the photo above used to surround a dead tree we had to cut down a few years ago, so we're thinking about building up those bricks higher and turning that into a fire pit. We've also asked the landscaper to come back out and give us an estimate on his team redoing the patio, so maybe by next spring we'll be hosting more backyard barbecues! The dogs aren't allowed back there for at least five weeks while we allow the sod to take root so I can't wait to see how green and lush this space will look at that point. Keith and I are also hoping to hang a hammock at that point and put out some bird feeders, so I'm really looking forward to spending more time out here in the coming months, or maybe next fall after we get through another Texas summer.