St. Patty's Lady

Our February resolution post has had to be slightly delayed so I decided to instead kick off March with a birthday post. I was born on March 17 (St. Patrick's Day) 29 years ago. My mom always made a big deal out of birthdays growing up so I love celebrating. I actually used to plan my own birthday themes, design invitations and ask everyone to dress in character for the theme starting as young as 6 or 7. I had spring-themed birthday parties with dirt cake, gardening games and seed packets for favors. I threw animal-themed parties with buffets of goldfish crackers, hot dogs, chicken wings and "rabbit food" (raw veggies), asked guests to dress as their favorite animal and played outdoor games that involved hopping and racing across the yard.

Even as an adult I tend to go overboard on my birthdays, rarely leaving the planning up to anyone else. Several years ago, I had an indoor movie themed birthday with homemade burnt dvd invitations that played old school drive-in commercials. And in the past, I've spent the entire day cooking and cleaning house to host a bunch of friends for BBQ and drinks at our house. Needless to say my birthdays are normally a bit stressful and hectic. This year, as I'm kicking off the last year of my 20s, I decided to take it a little easier and just focus on having an enjoyable, low key birthday. Also, Keith and I agreed previously that since I tend to go so big, it'd probably be good to have a more low-key celebration every other year to balance out the expenses and stress.

First I thought it'd be fun to share some ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, since most stores skip from Valentine's Day immediately to Easter, and then I'll share how I'll be celebrating. Here is a fun link to 100 recipes for St. Patrick's Day and here's the story of St. Patrick. And here are some crafty ideas I found on Pinterest:

From Etsy shop  The Privileged Door

From Etsy shop The Privileged Door

A Lucky Breakfast by  Thoughtfully Simple

A Lucky Breakfast by Thoughtfully Simple

Our friendship is golden treat by  Bloom Designs

Our friendship is golden treat by Bloom Designs

No Pinch Zone sign download by  Catch My Party

No Pinch Zone sign download by Catch My Party

34 Ways to Eat Guinness on St. Patrick's Day by  Buzzfeed

34 Ways to Eat Guinness on St. Patrick's Day by Buzzfeed

I'm going to work a half-day the Friday of my birthday weekend and then take Monday, the 17th off and my sister is staying with us to celebrate. She and I are having a spa day on Saturday and getting Swedish massages and facials, then spending Saturday night at home cooking some fancy vegan recipe and watching a few silly chick flicks. On Sunday, Keith and I are planning a long run, shopping at our local farmer's market and then I'm hoping we can make these lemon-poppyseed pancakes I've been wanting to try for a while. On St. Patrick's Day, I'll have the day off so I'm planning to sleep in, have lunch with my uncle and mom, and then Keith is leaving work early to pick me up and take me out for dinner at a downtown French restaurant he made reservations at weeks ago.

I suppose if you're one of those people who doesn't really celebrate birthdays, then my birthday weekend may still sound a bit over-the-top. But since last year involved renting out a local drive-in and me in the kitchen all day baking Irish Car Bomb cupcakes and preparing food for 30+ guests (though only 18 made it), this year is feeling pretty tame. And even though Keith and I have agreed that every other year I'll have more low-key celebrations, he was still a bit surprised that I didn't have some big extravaganza planned for my 29th. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to taking it easy this year and just cooking for two. Though I won't deny that some of those green crafts I shared aren't calling my name. I mean every St. Patty's lady needs a shamrock door wreath, right?

Hope you all have a very lucky March and bring some green into your life in honor of St. Patrick's Day this month!