Yard Work

Our backyard has become a bit of a disaster over the past 2 1/2 years we've lived in this house. We have two big dogs so they've caused a bit of damage, and the grass in the backyard never full recovered from last summer's drought or us dragging a heavy wheelbarrow through it to build a new patio. When we first bought the house, this is what the patio and backyard looked like:

I hated that stone patio for the first year and a half of us living in the house. We never hosted backyard bbq's or even had furniture out there because it was such a mess. Last Memorial weekend, Keith's parents and I spent four days building a new patio that extended over the old concrete slab too. The only photos I could find of our patio are actually from when the sunroom foundation was redone, so here are some messy patio images below:

After the sunroom foundation was redone, the rocks on the patio removed for the work, slowly started to sink and now the patio is a bit haphazard again to walk across. Also, decomposed granite between such large stones was probably not the best idea and so after almost a year, our redone (DIY) patio is now not looking much better than our original one. Last July I mentioned some dreams I had for our yard and patio, and since we're bringing out landscapers and irrigation crews over the next few weeks, I thought I'd share some more inspirational images for what I envision our backyard may / could eventually look like.

Our landscaping will be a bit sparse in the beginning as plants fill out and we add more based on our landscaper's recommendation, but I'm hoping adding flower beds, mulch and new sod will be a vast improvement to what our yard currently looks like. Along with us hiring landscape and irrigation teams, my mom is also going to come out and potentially help us redo the patio, build planter boxes alongside it and maybe also add lattice fencing around our AC unit (one of our dogs is obsessed with digging under it). She loved my southwestern design ideas for her home updates, so we're doing a house work exchange!

I'm hopeful that by the time summer and group bbq's come around, our yard will be much better prepared to host. Plus since the day we bought our house, I've been envisioning myself reading in a hammock under the trees in the backyard. Here's hoping all this work (and money - ouch!) pays off and I've got some exciting images to share with you in a month or two. Do you have any outdoor projects happening right now? What's your plan to get the yard "party-hosting" ready?