Southwestern Designs

I'm working on putting together a design portfolio of all the house projects I'm doing for friends and family (once they're done of course!) and recently convinced my mom to let me do some design work for her house as well. I'm one of five kids but now that we're all moved out, my mom has a five-bedroom house all to herself and I thought some of the spaces could use some updates. I started browsing Pinterest the other day and pulled a bunch of images that I think compliment her style. I'm going to share these with her on Monday and start narrowing down her likes and dislikes before coming up with some initial design boards for each of the rooms I'll be working on.

Her house is a cream-colored two-story adobe with a front patio and second-level porch. The interior is white with a mix of wood and tile flooring, natural wood furnishings and plush rugs in earthy tones. I think adding in more southwestern inspired pieces would compliment a lot of the decor she already has while pulling in a little more color, texture and whimsy.

She has given me the definite go-ahead on redoing mine and my middle brother's former bedrooms, so I'm excited to tackle those two rooms. I'm also trying to convince her to let me do some work in the family room and possibly sitting room. She already has several great pieces of furniture, so I think most of the budget will be for decorative accents and a few new eye-catching furnishings.

Southwest 3.png

I'm currently a little obsessed with all-white spaces, so I'm really excited to take this project on. In my own home I tend to go a bit bolder in color and have more of an industrial-farmhouse design style, so I think working in her space is going to be a fun challenge. I also pulled together a few different images as decor inspiration and am hoping she likes some of these ideas as much as I do.

Click to enlarge,

She has some great rugs and solid wood furnishings, so I'd love to intermingle some painted wood and metal pieces in the space as well. I try to add a bit of whimsy in every design I do, so I'd love to hang some feather and arrow artwork, dream-catchers in the bedrooms and perhaps even a pair of antlers or a cow skull. I'm also going to try to convince her to let me turn my middle brother's former bedroom into a "grandkid space" with twin beds, baskets of toys and of course a tepee. She's got three grandkids now, with another one on the way, so I'm hoping she likes that idea too. I'm looking forward to sharing more southwestern design ideas here over the coming months and will let you know how she reacts to my initial thoughts. Cross your fingers she still wants my help after I share them!

My sister and I are having a lovely girly weekend in celebration of my 29th so I wrote this post in advance. Don't forget to wear something green on Monday - you can find more fun St. Patrick's Day inspiration here!