Mini Home Tour: February 2014

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are still having ongoing sunroom drama as a few days after the contractors wrapped up, some water leaks appeared on the ceiling of the room. We brought out several roofers and found out some shingles had blown off and a few areas need to be touched up. Fortunately the roof is only three years old, so the extent of work needed isn't too bad and we're getting that scheduled this week. On a sweet note, I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day on Friday and enjoying dinner with Keith at Arro for the first time. Hope you have fun plans with loved ones this week too!

I realized recently that I haven't really shared any photos of our home yet here, and was inspired by one of my favorite blogger's recent posts to do so. The low lighting in some our home's rooms made capturing a good photo quite a challenge, and the nicest cameras we currently own are our iPhones, so please keep those two things in mind and forgive the lighting. Here are some shots around our house I took last weekend.

Our Entryway (with Aurora in the sunroom)

Our Entryway (with Aurora in the sunroom)

photo 1.JPG
photo 3 (1).JPG
photo 5 (3).JPG
photo 2 (2).JPG
photo 1 (1).JPG
photo 3.JPG
Dining room light

Dining room light

photo 2.JPG
photo 4.JPG
photo 5 (4).JPG
photo 5 (1).JPG
photo 3 (2).JPG
photo 5 (2).JPG
photo 4 (4).JPG
photo 2 (3).JPG
photo 1 (4).JPG
photo 2 (4).JPG

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our home! As the sunroom/gym comes together and the roof gets repaired, I'll share more photos of that space too. I can't believe it's basically the last room in our house to finish! Of course, there are tons of smaller projects and updates I want to complete over the next few years, so I'll try to share more mini tours like this in the future as the house continues to change.