My Recap on a Peaceful Year

You may recall from earlier blog posts that two years ago, rather than coming up with a long list of resolutions that I'd never complete and just feel guilty about, I decided instead to choose one word that I wanted to define my year. 2013 was Brave and 2014 was Peace(ful). Each of these two years, I tried to find something to do every single month that tied in with that word. In 2013, I got two tattoos, rode on the back of a moped, learned how to use some new tools, and went to a nude spa. This year, I started off by treating myself to a spa day, meditating daily for a month, and keeping a grateful journal. Unfortunately by August, I was struggling with continuing to find peaceful acts for each month and so, I just stopped posting about it.

In an attempt to remedy my lack of peaceful posts over the past few months, and kick off 2015 with a more positive, accomplished attitude, I decided to share some of my peaceful acts for the past four months. In September, I attempted to cut out all medications and in doing so, stopped experiencing migraines (that had just started a year before). I didn't know initially how to share that without feeling like I was exposing too much or passing judgement on people who need medications. In October, I started back up my gratitude journal and stopped having to use a mouthguard at night, because I was no longer grinding my teeth. In November, I started reading an Unitarian book on daily spiritual practice and this month, I let go of trying to find one simple act and just set aside time to spend with family and friends.

I don't necessarily feel like my original intention behind choosing the word Peace was fulfilled in the past twelve months, but since I'm no longer experiencing migraines or grinding my teeth, and can't remember the last time I had a panic attack, I'm patting myself on the back for at least having come a long way from December 2013. While choosing one word to define your year, and attempting to find things to do every month that tie into that word, can actually wind up becoming stressful at times, overall I still really enjoy doing this. And to be completely honest, I feel like I've accomplished so much more in the past two years than I ever did with a long list of things to do and not to do. 

So, to wrap up this post properly, Keith and I decided on a shared word for 2015. He tried to do his own word this year but, as is unfortunately common with his job, work got in the way. Since Keith is wrapping up his seven-year stint in February editing for the same director, he is really excited to join me in making 2015 the year of:

I'm not sure yet what that means for us this month. But, as I mentioned in our Christmas tradition post, in February we're flying to New York for a week so Keith can meet with an agency and several production houses to help secure his next editing job. I know 2015 has a lot of exciting changes in store for us, and since change is a word that often feels scary, we're instead thinking of them all as one giant adventure!