Holiday Baking and More Decor!

Apparently I am just really behind on blogging lately, so I decided to post an entire week's worth of entries over just a few days. We have lived in our home for over three years now and since we have such lovely neighbors, I started an annual tradition the first year we moved in, with delivering home-baked goodies to all the nearest houses on our street. The first two years I went a little overboard on the number of items I made, so I hope I didn't disappoint in deciding to go a little more low-key this year. I made semi-sweet peppermint bark and pumpkin chocolate-chip bread. I put the peppermint bark in holiday-themed baggies and wrapped the bread in tissue paper tied with a ribbon. 

I was so busy preparing for the holidays and wrapping all our family's gifts that I didn't really have time to do any more home decorating, but I took more photos for the blog. So along with delivering goodies to the neighbors, I hope they also enjoyed this view of our front porch these past few weeks. To see more shots of our porch decor, check out my post from earlier this month.

And lastly, because I promised more photos of our interior neon-themed decor, here are a few shots from around our home. Rather than decorate the table for a typical holiday dinner, I pulled all our seldom used white tea mugs and saucers and set up the table as if we were having a Christmas Day tea party. I pulled various brightly colored decor from around the house, flipped our spring table runners over, and brought in some extra fabric from an office project. Keith may have teased me a bit about it but all in all, I actually thought it was a fun, different look this year. And the color scheme looked very nice next to our multicolor tree.

I also spruced up a few other areas of our house to tie in with the neon color scheme and, as usual, hung our monogrammed West Elm stockings on our stair railing. 

I've promised many more posts this week, so I'll wrap this one up but promise to be back soon with our annual gift recap and lots of furniture project updates!