A Polka-Dot Headboard and Storage Bench

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have noticed that I have been completing furniture projects like a mad woman lately (mad as in crazy). A few weeks ago I built a yellow polka-dot headboard for my sister's cozy cabin and this weekend, I finished and delivered a custom wood and metal bench from our Etsy shop to a friend. I've got a few other projects in the works (a giant chalkboard, entry table and coffee table update), but I'll save those for a later day.

The headboard idea came about when I helped decorate my sister's new wooden cabin a few months ago. She has a queen-sized bed that sits on a metal bed frame, and since I've been itching to build a headboard, I shared the idea with her of a bright fabric frame, and she loved it! Based on her bedding and home color scheme, I opted for a thick, yellow polka-dot Nate Berkus fabric I bought at a local fabric store. My design process is typically to browse a few tutorials, then kind of wing it and just learn as I go. So I don't have any great tutorials or tips on building your own fabric headboard, but I took lots of pictures so hopefully these are helpful! 

Step One: Buy plywood and have cut to size at lumber store. 

Step Two: Wrap batting around plywood twice for soft spot to lean head.

Step Three: Staple batting to plywood with staple gun. Fold and staple corners as if you're wrapping a giant gift.

Step Four: Repeat batting steps with fabric of choice over stapled batting. The back will be against the wall so no need to be a perfectionist on this. Just insure all corners are tight so there's no wrinkles in the front.

Step Five: Prop fabric-wrapped headboard up, stand back and admire your handiwork. 

Step Six: Look at those tight corners - you're awesome!

Step Seven: Paint wood frame (that will show from front and side of bed) then line up on back of frame to add sturdiness to headboard. Use drill and screws to attach to plywood. 

Step Eight: If you know how to screw pieces of wood together, then hopefully you are at this point and ready to attach headboard to bed frame! Give yourself a pat on the back.

The headboard is of course entirely too large to fit in our car, so in the next few days, my in-laws are planning to help me out by loading it in the back of their giant truck and driving it out to my sister's house. Once we've attached it to her bed frame, I'll share more instructional shots and hopefully some photos of her house finally too! 

Aside from building polka-dot headboards, I've also been working with a friend for the past few months to design a custom wood and metal storage bench for her entryway / mud room. She and I sent back and forth multiple photos and ideas on the project, I started building last month with the goal of finishing at Thanksgiving, realized the original structure I came up with wasn't sturdy enough, started from scratch with new wood, and finished her piece for delivery just after Christmas instead. It was a really good learning process and I enjoyed working with custom metal legs from Modern Legs for this project. Here are the inspiration photos my friend shared:

And here are the photos of the final piece I delivered to their house on Sunday (photos taken in our sunroom):

I built this storage bench with a high-quality standard pine, based on the grain and appearance of their other wood furnishings. I decided to do rounded corners on the bottom piece for more visual interest and got that stain color by mixing two different stains and sealed the top with wax. I originally didn't want the bolts to be exposed on that bottom shelf, but once the top of the piece was built, I thought the exposed bolts actually fit really well with their modern aesthetic. My friends seemed really happy with the final piece and sent me photos of their now organized mud room the very next day. 

If you're interested in this bench, or other custom built pieces, check out our Etsy shop F2 Furniture. I'm currently also updating our coffee table with a new wooden top, finishing a giant chalkboard for my in-laws bunk room, and hoping to do a little more work on an entry table that's been in the works for quite some time. I'll post more soon, but check back later this week for a final update on my 2014 peaceful acts and find out my word for 2015!