Interior Decorating for Winter

Last week I shared my design board for our front porch, which I'm hoping to start decorating this weekend. I planned to start last weekend, but unfortunately a bad cold turned into a sinus and ear infection, and I've been home trying to recover for most of this week. I also had high hopes of getting this design board up over the weekend along with pictures of our (not yet bought) tree, but this cold really messed up my plans. While I'm taking it easy and in recovery, I'll certainly be dreaming up even more ideas for decorating the inside of our home this winter. 

As I mentioned previously, this year I want to go super cheery with lots of bright, neon colors on our porch and inside. I've been searching Pinterest for the past weeks for lots of DIY ideas using this color scheme. For our tree, we don't have a lot of neon ornaments, and since I always aim to decorate on a budget, I'm hoping to make most of our ornaments this year. Like the porch, I'd love to find some clear ornaments that I can spray-paint or fill with various colored paints. I also love the idea of spray-painting thrift store found rubber toy animals and adding a hook or ribbon to the top for hanging from the tree. Last year, I made neon colored pom pom garlands, which are hanging from our stair railing, so this year I think I'll make pom pom mini wreaths as ornaments. I also stumbled upon those Popsicle stick snowflake ornaments, which feel a bit childish, but I might try my hand at them anyway as a quick weekend craft project

I am a terrible gift wrapper (I was forbidden to wrap gifts when I previously worked at Pottery Barn), so anything that looks simple and easy is always my go-to. I love the idea of using brown craft paper, bright ribbons and washi tape for gift wrap. I don't typically decorate our dining or coffee tables during the holidays, but my mother-in-law was decorating hers this past weekend for Christmas, and it got me excited about doing the same to ours. I don't want to invest in new plates or linens really, but I'm thinking about finding some inexpensive, neon paper napkins and finding ways to layer the place settings in crafty ways (washi tape lined craft paper placemats maybe?). I really like those brightly colored, spray-painted glass vases in the middle of the table, and might try to find some at a local thrift store to add to our coffee and dining tables.

For more of our general decor, I love the idea of draping a yarn tassel on our stair railing and perhaps hanging more of the painted ornaments from neon ribbons in our windows. I love this time of year and as soon as I am feeling up-to-it, I'll start working on these projects and get some more posts up on the house and porch. Hope your winter decorating is going well and you're staying healthy!