A Neon Christmas Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we bought our Christmas tree at a local tree lot. Typically, we drive out to Elgin and spend a few hours at a tree farm there, but this year I was starting to come down with my second cold, and so, we decided to stay local. We still enjoyed picking out our tree and got it up that very night. This year we went with a Douglas Fir and it was our tallest tree yet at almost 7 feet!

Keith very graciously lets me decide how to decorate the tree and house every year, so the first night, I just got the multi-colored light strand on the tree and then waited another day or two to put anything else on it. As I mentioned in my interior decorating post from two weeks ago, this year I wanted to go fun, bright and neon in our "wintery" decor. Keith keeps calling it our "rainbow Christmas". Keith brought our Christmas decor box down from the attic and I pulled out a few ornaments (silver ones mainly) that went with the color scheme.

I went to Joanns last week for more decor and crafty items to make for the tree and house. I bought some blue tulle that I was thinking about using as a table runner, but instead decided to use it as a garland for the tree. I also made a few more mini painted ornaments for the tree to add in some additional color. Keith and I then hung the rest of the silver and glittery ornaments we had and the two custom ornaments I ordered our first year of marriage with our wedding date and first home. The "x" and "o" on the tree are actually box tags from a West Elm gift I received a few years ago and then turned into ornaments. I'm kind of tempted to do a whole "love" Christmas theme next year and hang "xo" garlands and hearts around the house. Keith can call it our "Valentine Christmas".

Like the front porch, I'm not sure I'm completely done decorating the inside of the house either. I have some decor on our breakfast table and set up our dining table as if people are coming over for a Christmas Day tea party. Our stockings are hanging from the stair railing and I put out a few silver tree-shaped candles, but it still feels like it's missing a bit more glitz. I might do a little more over the weekend depending on my health and promise to do another post with the full porch and interior reveal soon!

As some of you reading this may know, I've been sick for over a month now. I got a cold before Thanksgiving, which I actually started to recover from pretty quickly. We ran the local 5-mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and then spent the rest of the day with my family. That weekend, we watched our nephew and niece overnight, and unfortunately they were both pretty sick. I guess my immune system wasn't fully recovered so I wound up catching their colds which turned into a sinus and ear infection. My eardrum wound up rupturing two weeks ago (most painful thing ever!) and never fully healed, so now I wound up with a second ear infection. I'm currently on all kinds of meds, which make me feel pretty sick, to try to prevent another ear rupture. I'm hoping to start feeling better in the next few days and fully recovered by Christmas. As long as I'm in recovery, this weekend I hope to do some more decorating and baking goodies for our neighbors (an annual tradition). Please send healthy thoughts my way and check back in soon for new holiday recipes and more neon decor!